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University of Exeter Medical School

Dr Shalinee Dhayal

Dr Shalinee Dhayal

Lecturer (E&S)

 College House G0


College House, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Shalinee is a Lecturer in Department of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences, involved in teaching Medicine and Medical Sciences programmes. She joined University of Exeter in 2017 as Postdoctoral Research Fellow, subsequently transitioning into a teaching role. She is Lead Academic Tutor for BSc Medical Sciences Profession Training Year (PTY), Term Lead for Year 2 BMBS and Deputy Lead on the module Decolonisation of Medicine.


  • Fellowship of Higher Education Academy, AdvanceHE, UK
  • PhD (Endocrine Pharmacology) - Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter & Plymouth, UK
  • MSc (Applied Microbiology) - Jiwaji University, India


  • Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, Education and Scholarship, University of Exeter, UK, Sep 2022 – to date
  • Associate Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, Education and Scholarship, University of Exeter, UK, Oct 2020- Aug 2022
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Exeter, UK, Sep 2017- Jun 2021
  • Career Break taken to raise family, Feb 2014 – Aug 2017
  • Research Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School, Plymouth, UK, Sep 2011- Jan 2014
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth, UK, Oct 2008- Aug 2011

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Research interests

Shalinee's research expertise is in the field of Diabetes with interests in understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in the cytoprotective effects of unsaturated fatty acids on pancreatic beta cells. Her research interests also expanded in understanding the aetiology of Type 1 diabetes focusing on role of enteroviral infections in development of Type 1 diabetes.

Research projects

Research Projects undertaken

  • Investigating expression of phosphorylated form of microtubule associated protein Tau in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes cases.
  • Investigating role of transcription factor STAT1 and STAT2 in the development of Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Investigating role of enteroviruses in the progression of type 1 diabetes using patient pancreas samples. Primarily focusing on the detection of enteroviruses within the islets and understanding the molecular signalling associated with viral infection.
  • Investigating the molecular mechanisms involved in the effcts of fatty acids, primarily focussing on the cytoprotective effects of long chain unsaturated fatty acids in pancreatic beta cells.


  • 2019 - Researcher led initiative award, Exeter University.
  • 2019 - Grant received by Sir Halley Steward Trust to investigate the cytoprotective effects of long chain unsaturated fatty acids in pancreatic beta cells.
  • 2006 - Grant received for attending a research conference from Tavistock Inner Wheel Club.

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Journal articles

Ifie E, Russell M, Dhayal S, Leete P, Sebastiani G, Nigi L, Dotta F, Marjomäki V, Eizirik D, Morgan N, et al (In Press). Unexpected subcellular distribution of a specific isoform of the Coxsackie and adenovirus receptor, CAR-SIV, in human pancreatic beta cells. Diabetologia
Ellis MJ, Lekka C, Holden KL, Tulmin H, Seedat F, O'Brien DP, Dhayal S, Zeissler M-L, Knudsen JG, Kessler BM, et al (2024). Identification of high-performing antibodies for the reliable detection of Tau proteoforms by Western blotting and immunohistochemistry. Acta Neuropathol, 147(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Dhayal S, Leslie KA, Baity M, Akhbari P, Richardson SJ, Russell MA, Morgan NG (2022). Temporal regulation of interferon signalling in human EndoC-βH1 cells. J Mol Endocrinol, 69(2), 299-313. Abstract.  Author URL.
Chaffey JR, Young J, Leslie KA, Partridge K, Akhbari P, Dhayal S, Hill JL, Wedgwood KCA, Burnett E, Russell MA, et al (2021). Investigation of the utility of the 1.1B4 cell as a model human beta cell line for study of persistent enteroviral infection. Sci Rep, 11(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Dhayal S, Zummo FP, Anderson MW, Thomas P, Welters HJ, Arden C, Morgan NG (2019). Differential effects of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids on autophagy in pancreatic β-cells. J Mol Endocrinol, 63(4), 285-296. Abstract.  Author URL.
Ferru-Clément R, Spanova M, Dhayal S, Morgan NG, Hélye R, Becq F, Hirose H, Antonny B, Vamparys L, Fuchs PFJ, et al (2016). Targeting surface voids to counter membrane disorders in lipointoxication-related diseases. J Cell Sci, 129(12), 2368-2381. Abstract.  Author URL.
Stone VM, Dhayal S, Brocklehurst KJ, Lenaghan C, Sörhede Winzell M, Hammar M, Xu X, Smith DM, Morgan NG (2014). GPR120 (FFAR4) is preferentially expressed in pancreatic delta cells and regulates somatostatin secretion from murine islets of Langerhans. Diabetologia, 57(6), 1182-1191. Abstract.  Author URL.
Russell MA, Cooper AC, Dhayal S, Morgan NG (2013). Differential effects of interleukin-13 and interleukin-6 on Jak/STAT signaling and cell viability in pancreatic β-cells. Islets, 5(2), 95-105. Abstract.  Author URL.
Stone VM, Dhayal S, Smith DM, Lenaghan C, Brocklehurst KJ, Morgan NG (2012). The cytoprotective effects of oleoylethanolamide in insulin-secreting cells do not require activation of GPR119. Br J Pharmacol, 165(8), 2758-2770. Abstract.  Author URL.
Keane DC, Takahashi HK, Dhayal S, Morgan NG, Curi R, Newsholme P (2011). Arachidonic acid actions on functional integrity and attenuation of the negative effects of palmitic acid in a clonal pancreatic β-cell line. Clin Sci (Lond), 120(5), 195-206. Abstract.  Author URL.
Johnstone KA, Diakogiannaki E, Dhayal S, Morgan NG, Harries LW (2011). Dysregulation of Hnf1b gene expression in cultured beta-cells in response to cytotoxic fatty acid. JOP, 12(1), 6-10. Abstract.  Author URL.
Dhayal S, Morgan NG (2011). Pharmacological characterization of the cytoprotective effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids in insulin-secreting BRIN-BD11 cells. Br J Pharmacol, 162(6), 1340-1350. Abstract.  Author URL.
Dhayal S, Morgan NG (2011). Structure-activity relationships influencing lipid-induced changes in eIF2α phosphorylation and cell viability in BRIN-BD11 cells. FEBS Lett, 585(14), 2243-2248. Abstract.  Author URL.
Dhayal S, Morgan NG (2010). The significance of GPR119 agonists as a future treatment for type 2 diabetes. Drug News Perspect, 23(7), 418-424. Abstract.  Author URL.
Morgan NG, Dhayal S (2010). Unsaturated fatty acids as cytoprotective agents in the pancreatic beta-cell. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids, 82(4-6), 231-236. Abstract.  Author URL.
Morgan NG, Dhayal S (2009). G-protein coupled receptors mediating long chain fatty acid signalling in the pancreatic beta-cell. Biochem Pharmacol, 78(12), 1419-1427. Abstract.  Author URL.
Dhayal S, Welters HJ, Morgan NG (2008). Structural requirements for the cytoprotective actions of mono-unsaturated fatty acids in the pancreatic beta-cell line, BRIN-BD11. Br J Pharmacol, 153(8), 1718-1727. Abstract.  Author URL.
Morgan NG, Dhayal S, Diakogiannaki E, Welters HJ (2008). The cytoprotective actions of long-chain mono-unsaturated fatty acids in pancreatic beta-cells. Biochem Soc Trans, 36(Pt 5), 905-908. Abstract.  Author URL.
Diakogiannaki E, Dhayal S, Childs CE, Calder PC, Welters HJ, Morgan NG (2007). Mechanisms involved in the cytotoxic and cytoprotective actions of saturated versus monounsaturated long-chain fatty acids in pancreatic beta-cells. J Endocrinol, 194(2), 283-291. Abstract.  Author URL.

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External Engagement and Impact



  • Patent:-Compounds or compositions for the treatment of dyslipidemias. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique / Université de Poitiers / University of Exeter. PCT/FR2014/052546 (2016).
  • Abstract nominated for New Investigator award at the 9th conference of the international society for the study of fatty acids and lipids (ISSFAL), 2010.
  • Abstract nominated for Nick Hales Young Investigator award at Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference, 2007. 
  • Award won for best abstract and oral presentation at Peninsula Postgraduate Health Institute Annual Research Event (March 9th-10th 2006).
  • Selected among the 11 candidates from UK for attending Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (2006).

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Medical Sciences, Undergraduate

  • Lead Academic tutor for Professional Training Year (PTY)
  • Deputy Module lead and facilittaor on Decolonisation of Medicine (CSC2025) [Year 2]
  • Writing Support Sesssion - Online Writing Retreat [All Years]
  • Integrated Human Physiology (CSC1005), SSGL facilitator [Year 1]
  • Introduction of Phamacology (CSC2005) [Year 2]
  • Final Year Project Supervisor (CSC3028) [Year 3]

Medicine, Undergraduate

  • Term Lead [Year 2]
  • Problem based learning facilitator [Year 1]
  • Special study units provider [Year 1]
  • Life science resource centre provider [Year 2]
  • Lecture provider [Year 2]

Postgraduate Supervision

  • Independent research project supervision (HPDM148) - MSc Health Research Methods

Academic and Pastoral Tutor



Information not currently available

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