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Dr Sean Manzi

Dr Sean Manzi

Research Fellow


 01392 726096

 South Cloisters 2.30


South Cloisters, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Hi I'm Sean a Research Fellow with the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration South West Penninsula (PenARC) based in the PenCHORD operational research team. My role within the PenCHORD team is to apply operational research methods to help with the understanding and improvement of healthcare service provision. The majority of my work is focused in the area of mental health service provision and I lead this area of research for PenCHORD. Currently I am working on network-based whole system modelling of mental health services.


PhD - Applied health studies - Plymouth University - November 2014

BSc(Hons) - Psychology - Plymouth University -  July 2012


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Research interests

My research interests centre the development and application of data science approaches for improving mental health service provision. This includes developing tailored analytics for mental health service operational and strategic monitoring and improvement. I also have an interest in behavioural operational research and human system modelling.

Research projects

Current projects

The health and social care cost of complex relational disturbance

Previous projects

Modelling the impact of a new anesthetic intervention for fractured neck of femur patients

Determining the resource requirements for a redesigned personality disorder intervention pathway in Plymouth

Optimising the location and capacity of Devon Partnership Trusts secondary and acute mental health teams 

Modelling the service impact of a new triage system for dementia memory clinics in Devon

Modelling a new single point of access telephone system for Devon Partnership Trust

Optimising the location of outpatient physiotherapy services in Cornwall for a new integrated service

Mapping the STEP 2-4 psychological therapies pathways in the NEW Devon area

Assessing the complimentarity of realist methods and agent based simulation

Modelling the acute psychiatric care pathway in Cornwall to avoid out of area placements

Modelling the Rheumatology pathway at Derriford hospital and the potential for Person Initated clinics (PIC)

Using agent based modelling for understanding and optimising polypharmacy

Understanding quality in the context of healthcare service commissioning

Understanding health and social care waste management behaviour: A mixed methods study



Journal articles

Whear R, Bethel A, Abbott R, Rogers M, Orr N, Manzi S, Ukoumunne OC, Stein K, Coon JT (2022). Systematic reviews of convalescent plasma in COVID-19 continue to be poorly conducted and reported: a systematic review. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 151, 53-64.
Manzi S, Chalk D, Day J, Pearson M, Lang I, Stein K, Pitt M (2017). A novel modelling and simulation capacity development initiative for the National Health Service. BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning, 4(2), 97-98.
Chalk D, Manzi S, Britten N, Kluettgens B, Magura R, Valderas J (2017). Can agent-based simulation be used as a tool to support polypharmacy prescribing practice?. BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning, 3(3), 94-98. Abstract.
Manzi S, Nichols A, Richardson J (2016). A comparison of waste compositions at health and social care facilities. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 22(9), 469-474. Abstract.
Manzi S, Nichols A, Richardson J (2016). A study of health and social care waste management behaviour. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 22(7), 360-366. Abstract.
Richardson J, Grose J, Manzi S, Mills I, Moles DR, Mukonoweshuro R, Nasser M, Nichols A (2016). What's in a bin: a case study of dental clinical waste composition and potential greenhouse gas emission savings. Br Dent J, 220(2), 61-66. Abstract.  Author URL.
Richardson J, Grose J, Manzi S, Mills I, Moles DR, Mukonoweshuro R, Nasser M, Nichols A (2016). What's in a bin?. BDJ Team, 3(5).
Manzi S, Nichols A, Richardson J (2014). A non-participant observational study of health and social care waste disposal behaviour in the South West of England. J Health Serv Res Policy, 19(4), 231-235. Abstract.  Author URL.
Harris CM, Waddington J, Biscione V, Manzi S (2014). Manual choice reaction times in the rate-domain. Front Hum Neurosci, 8 Abstract.  Author URL.
Nichols A, Manzi S (2014). Physical space and its impact on waste management in the neonatal care setting. Journal of Infection Prevention, 15(4), 134-138. Abstract.


Manzi S (2019). The Importance of Human Behavior in Practice: Insights from the Modeling Cycle. In  (Ed) Behavioral Operational Research, 183-201.


Whear R, Bethel A, Abbott R, Rogers M, Orr N, Manzi S, Ukoumunne O, Stein K, Coon JT (2022). P58 We need to talk about solutions looking through the lens of evidence syntheses of convalescent plasma therapy: a systematic review. SSM Annual Scientific Meeting.
Pearn K, Manzi S, Winterton L (2018). Visualisation of the service use for individual clients with a Personality Disorder at Devon Partnership Trust to support clinical decision making. ORAHS 2018. 30th Jul - 3rd Aug 2018. Abstract.
Manzi S, Chalk D, Pearson M, Day J, Stein K, Lang I, Pitt M (2016). Opening the black box: Combining agent based simulation and realism in intervention development.  Abstract.
Chalk D, Manzi S (2016). THe hospital discharge game : a game theory-inspired workshop to encourage cooperation between health and social care organisations.  Abstract.

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