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 Rebecca Shellock

Rebecca Shellock

PhD Researcher

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Rebecca Shellock is a PhD researcher, based at Plymouth Marine Laboratory and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH). Within her PhD, Rebecca is collaborating with the BlueHealth project and Plymouth City Council, to understand the benefits of coastal renovation on the well-being of local residents in Plymouth. Rebecca has a large interest in the importance and value of marine and coastal environments for human health and well-being and its application to marine policy and management.

Rebecca has a background in marine biology, conservation and marine and coastal policy. Prior to her PhD, Rebecca worked as a Research Assistant within the Centre for Marine and Coastal Policy Research at Plymouth University. Rebecca has also worked as an Environmental Consultant and has undertaken a Policy Internship at the British Ecological Society (BES).

Her PhD is supervised by Dr Caroline Hattam (PML), Dr Mathew White (UoE) and Dr Tobias Börger (St Andrews).


  • 2013 MRes Marine Biology
  • 2012 BSc Biology and Animal Behaviour (University of Exeter)


Research interests

Project Title: The Marine Environment, Human Well-being and Environmental Valuation.


Dr Caroline Hattam (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
Dr Mathew White (University of Exeter) 
Dr Tobias Börger (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

Funding Body: NERC (GW4+)

Project Description:
The PhD aims to significantly advance our understanding of the importance and value of our coasts for human health and well-being and to make steps towards turning this understanding into metrics policy makers can use to ensure that the benefits are available for current and future generations to enjoy.


Supervision / Group

Postgraduate researchers

  • Tobias Börger
  • Caroline Hattam
  • Mathew White

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