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University of Exeter Medical School

Professor Noel Morgan

Professor Noel Morgan

Professor of Endocrine Pharmacology; Director - Institute of Biomedical & Clinical Science

 01392 408300

 RILD Building 4.10


University of Exeter Medical School, RILD Building, RD&E Hospital Wonford, Barrack Road, Exeter, EX2 5DW, UK


Professor Morgan has a background in cellular pharmacology and his research career has focussed principally on the (patho)physiology of the pancreatic beta-cell in the context of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Within the University of Exeter Medical School he leads a team studying the regulation of beta-cell function and viability with the aim to understand how dysfunction and loss of viability lead to clinical disease. His research team are custodians of a unique and extensive biobank of pancreas samples collected from children and young people who, sadly, died soon after the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Using these samples, the team has made important contributions to the understanding of insulitis (a process of immune-mediated attack) in human pancreas and to the role of a group of common viruses (enteroviruses) as potential mediators of beta-cell loss in type 1 diabetes. They have also discovered that type 1 diabetes is not a single disease but, rather, they have identified two distinct forms (or "endotypes") which can be differentiated in various ways, including by age at diagnosis. This information will be important to inform the design of therapies aimed to halt the progression of type 1 diabetes using a precision diabetes approach, in future.

Noel also serves as Director of the Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Science and is involved in developing the strategic vision of the Institute as well as the achievement of its research mission. This involves resource allocation, strategic planning, recruitment, undertaking staff appraisals and facilitation of the career aspirations of staff at all levels.

Broad research specialisms

His team's research specialisms include the monitoring and assessment of cell function and viability using in vitro approaches; the manipulation of intracellular signalling pathways using both pharmacological and molecular biological approaches; and the application of digital pathology and immunological methods to understand disease pathology in histological samples.


  • B.Sc. (Hons)
  • Ph.D.


Noel Morgan began his research career studying islet biology at University of Leicester and then undertook postdoctoral work on the hormonal control of liver glycogenolysis at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN). He subsequently developed an independent research programme in islet biology while on the faculty of Keele University (UK). Noel was awarded an inaugural Albert E. Renold Fellowship of EASD in 1990 to work in the laboratory of Robert J Lefkowitz (2012 Nobel laureate) at Duke University, Durham, NC studying adrenoceptor signalling in beta-cells. He was appointed to a Personal Chair at Keele University in 1993 and moved to University of Exeter, in 2002, as Professor of Endocrine Pharmacology. At Exeter, his group has pursued parallel studies on signaling mechanisms regulating β-cell function and viability as well as factors that underlie the loss of β-cells in type 1 diabetes. In 2017, Noel was awarded the prestigious Dorothy Hodgkin Lectureship by Diabetes UK in recogntion of his work.

Secretary contact details: Nikki Archer, +44 (0) 1392 408215


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Research interests

Professor Morgan's team has research interests which centre around the mechanisms that lead to beta-cell dysfunction and death in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Their work in type 1 diabetes makes use of a unique cohort of pancreas samples recovered from patients who died soon after diagnosis, to study the natural history of the disease. They are investigating the immune cell composition of the infiltrate that is associated with beta-cell loss (known as “insulitis”) and are also studying the possible involvement of an enteroviral infection as a mediator of islet autoimmunty. The anti-viral mechanisms that become activated in beta-cells during such infections are a particular focus of investigation.

In addition, they employ cell culture models to study the role of fatty acids as regulators of beta-cell viability. Patients with type 2 diabetes often have elevated levels of long chain free fatty acids and these can cause beta-cell death. Their work has revealed that the effects of such molecules on viability are influenced greatly by the chain length and degree of unsaturation of the fatty acid molecules. Indeed, it is evident that long chain saturated species are frequently cytotoxic whereas the equivalent long chain unsaturates (both mono- and poly-) are well tolerated and can even be cytoprotective. They are currently studying the mechanisms involved.

A third area of interest is the signalling pathways used by anti-inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 to promote beta-cell viability. These molecules regulate the activity of a family of transcription factors (STATs) and they are examining exactly how various STAT isoforms become activated and the mechanisms that then lead to improved viability. In parallel, they are also studying the pro-apoptotic actions of other STAT family members to understand how these proteins cause differential effects on beta-cell viability.

Professor Morgan gives an overview of his research in the video below, in a joint presentation with Kyle Wedgwood, filmed at the Living Systems Institute Symposium 2016.

Research projects

  • Beta-cell enteroviral infection and the progression of type 1 diabetes in humans
  • Role of pathogen recognition receptors and anti-viral response pathways in the response of islets cells to enteroviral infection
  • Immune cell subsets as mediators of the selective demise of beta-cells in human type 1 diabetes
  • Endotypes of type 1 diabetes
  • Factors influencing the uptake and disposition of long chain fatty acids in pancreatic beta-cells
  • Mechanisms involved in the cytoprotective actions of unsaturated fatty acids in beta-cells
  • The role of STAT molecules as regulators of beta-cell viability during exposure to pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines


2017-2021     MRC. Type 1 diabetes genetic risk and persistent beta cell enteroviral infection - a lethal combination? £392000. (Co-I; Dr Sarah Richardson (PI) and Prof Lorna Harries (Co-I)).

2017-2020     Diabetes UK. Characterisation of immune cell interactions in the insulitic infiltrate of patients with recent-onset Type 1 diabetes. £164000. (PI)

2017-2020         JDRF. The JDRF nPOD-Virus Group: Towards Vaccine Development. $144000. (Co-I).

2017-2021     Norman Family Trust. Enteroviral infection in human beta cells: a possible causative factor in type 1 diabetes. £90000. (Co-I).

2018-2021     JDRF Strategic Research Award: Phenotype and specificity of the islet inflammation in Type 1 diabetes: $349630. (Co-I).

2019-2021     Research England – Expanding Excellence in England award for establishment of a Diabetes Centre of Excellence. £6million to University of Exeter (Co-PI).

2019-2020     EFSD/JDRF/Lilly European Programme in Type 1 Diabetes Research: SIRP alpha, a novel regulator of beta-cell viability. €99,500 (PI).

2019-2022     INNODIA & INNODIA-HARVEST a multi-partner joint programme within EU Horizon 2020. Total award – Euro 6 million (Euro 100000 to University of Exeter) (Co-PI).

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Journal articles

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Diabetes UK Research Committee.

International Member, Ministry of Higher Education and Science Pharmacology Committee,
Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.

Consortium member: INNODIA & INNODIA-HARVEST - Horizonn 2020 prgrammes of the EU.

Approved Investigator, JDRF Network of Pancreaic Organ Donors (nPOD); USA.

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BBC News; Sky News; BBC Radio 5 live; BBC Local Radio (Devon & Cornwall); BBC Radio Wales, Times Radio, BBC Radio 4.

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  • Director of Postgraduate Research; Chair of Research Degrees Committee.

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