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 Mohammed Abu Alghayth

Mohammed Abu Alghayth

PhD Student


 Medical School Building G08


Medical School Building, St Luke's Campus, Magdalen Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Second supervisor for two PTY students


  • BSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences, King khalid University (k.k.u) (2004-2009).
  • MSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences, Quinnipiac University (2012-2014).


Research interests

Haematology (Anaemic patients)

Nitric oxide

Research projects

  • Measuring reactive nitrogen species (RNS) such as nitrate (NO3⁻), nitrite (NO2⁻) and S-nitrosothiols (RSNO) in blood components of healthy controls and anaemic patients before and after ingestion nitrate supplementation as beetroot juice.
  • Measuring the nitration in RBCs of healthy subjects before and after nitrate ingestion. Also, measuring the nitration in plasma of healthy subject and anaemic patients and in RBCs of healthy subjects and Alzheimer patients.


  • Saudi cultural bureau London


Supervision / Group

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