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Dr Miranda Smallwood

Dr Miranda Smallwood

Research Fellow


 +44 (0) 1392 726331



Dr Smallwood has recently completed her Daphne Jackson Fellowship, which ran part-time for 2 years. She is currently applying for additional research funding.

Broad research specialisms

Inflammation & immunology in rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.


  • BSc Biochemistry/Physiology
  • MSc Pharmacology
  • PhD Biochemistry/Pharmacology


Research interests

  • Apoptosis and clearance of dead cells from the body before the development of autoimmunity
  • Plasma nitrate levels in health and disease
  • Murine nitrate levels

Research projects

  • Binding of C1q to apoptotic cells and its dependence on oxidation
  • Improving dead cell removal in lupus patients
  • Removal of dead cells by macrophage phagocytosis – effects of microvesicles and hydrogen sulfide donating compounds
  • Measurement of plasma nitrate levels in patients admitted to hospital
  • Murine nitrite/nitrate levels in plasma and salivary glands
  • Effects of neuropeptides on synoviocytes in normoxic/hypoxic conditions


  • Daphne Jackson Trust
  • Medical Research Council
  • Devon Northcott Medical Foundation


Journal articles

Wei C, Vanhatalo A, Kadach S, Stoyanov Z, Abu-Alghayth M, Black MI, Smallwood MJ, Rajaram R, Winyard PG, Jones AM, et al (2023). Reduction in blood pressure following acute dietary nitrate ingestion is correlated with increased red blood cell S-nitrosothiol concentrations. Nitric Oxide, 138-139, 1-9. Abstract.  Author URL.
Ferecsk├│ AS, Smallwood MJ, Moore A, Liddle C, Newcombe J, Holley J, Whatmore J, Gutowski NJ, Eggleton P (2023). STING-Triggered CNS Inflammation in Human Neurodegenerative Diseases. Biomedicines, 11(5).
McGrattan AM, Stephan BCM, Shannon OM, Mazidi M, Gilchrist M, Smallwood M, Winyard P, McMahon N, Blekkenhorst LC, Mohan D, et al (2022). Independent and interactive associations of dietary nitrate and salt intake with blood pressure and cognitive function: a cross-sectional analysis in the InCHIANTI study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCES AND NUTRITION, 73(4), 491-502. Author URL.
Abu-Alghayth M, Vanhatalo A, Wylie LJ, McDonagh STJ, Thompson C, Kadach S, Kerr P, Smallwood MJ, Jones AM, Winyard PG, et al (2021). S-nitrosothiols, and other products of nitrate metabolism, are increased in multiple human blood compartments following ingestion of beetroot juice. Redox Biology, 43, 101974-101974.
Moore L, Eggleton P, Smerdon G, Newcombe J, Holley JE, Gutowski NJ, Smallwood M (2020). Engagement of people with multiple sclerosis to enhance research into the physiological effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Mult Scler Relat Disord, 43 Abstract.  Author URL.
Riddell A, Kirkwood J, Smallwood M, Winyard P, Knight B, Steer K, Puddicombe L, Romanczuk L, Shore A, Gilchrist M, et al (2020). P1612CAN THE URINARY NITRATE TO CREATININE RATIO BE USED AS a MARKER FOR KIDNEY TRANSPLANT REJECTION?. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 35(Supplement_3).
Williams JK, Smallwood MJ, Benjamin N, D'Souza RJ, Shore AC, Winyard PG, Gilchrist M (2020). Renal nitrate clearance in chronic kidney disease. Nitric Oxide, 97, 16-19.
Paskevicius T, Jung J, Pujol M, Eggleton P, Qin W, Robinson A, Gutowski N, Holley J, Smallwood M, Newcombe J, et al (2020). The Fabp5/calnexin complex is a prerequisite for sensitization of mice to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. FASEB J, 34(12), 16662-16675. Abstract.  Author URL.
Riddell A, Kirkwood J, Smallwood M, Winyard P, Knight B, Romanczuk L, Shore A, Gilchrist M (2020). Urinary nitrate concentration as a marker for kidney transplant rejection. BMC Nephrol, 21(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Smallwood MJ, Nissim A, Knight AR, Whiteman M, Haigh R, Winyard PG (2018). Oxidative stress in autoimmune rheumatic diseases. Free Radic Biol Med, 125, 3-14. Abstract.  Author URL.
Smyth E, Solomon A, Birrell MA, Smallwood MJ, Winyard PG, Tetley TD, Emerson M (2017). Influence of inflammation and nitric oxide upon platelet aggregation following deposition of diesel exhaust particles in the airways. Br J Pharmacol, 174(13), 2130-2139. Abstract.  Author URL.
Smallwood MJ, Ble A, Melzer D, Winyard PG, Benjamin N, Shore AC, Gilchrist M (2017). Relationship Between Urinary Nitrate Excretion and Blood Pressure in the InChianti Cohort. Am J Hypertens, 30(7), 707-712. Abstract.  Author URL.
Smyth E, Solomon A, Birrell MA, Smallwood MJ, Winyard PG, Tetley TD, Emerson M (2017). Response to 'Effects of diesel exhaust particles on coagulation'. Br J Pharmacol, 174(22). Author URL.
Gross AJ, Holmes S, Dale SEC, Smallwood MJ, Green SJ, Peter Winlove C, Benjamin N, Winyard PG, Marken F (2015). Nitrite/nitrate detection in serum based on dual-plate generator-collector currents in a microtrench. Talanta, 131, 228-235. Abstract.
Affourtit C, Bailey SJ, Jones AM, Smallwood MJ, Winyard PG (2015). On the mechanism by which dietary nitrate improves human skeletal muscle function. Front Physiol, 6 Abstract.  Author URL.
Apostoli GL, Solomon A, Smallwood MJ, Winyard PG, Emerson M (2014). Role of inorganic nitrate and nitrite in driving nitric oxide-GMP-mediated inhibition of platelet aggregation in vitro and in vivo. JOURNAL OF THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS, 12(11), 1880-1889. Author URL.

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  • Year 4 Medical students SSU Research in Action projects
  • Supervising BClinSci Expanding Horizons project
  • Prospective PTY supervisor

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