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 Matt Smith

Matt Smith

PhD Student



Currrently a PhD student, Matt splits his time between working with the Genetics of Complex Traits group investigating balance related fall risk factors in the UK Biobank and with the Human Movement Group investigating the balance control strategies of individuals with Meniere's Disease. 


Current Publications:

Dashti H, Vetter C, Lane J, Smith M, Wood A, Weedon M et al. (2019). Assessment of

MTNR1B Type 2 Diabetes Genetic Risk Modification by Shift Work and

Morningness-Eveningness Preference in the UK Biobank. Diabetes.


Kocevska, D et al. (2020). Sleep characteristics across the lifespan in 1.1 million

people from the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States: a systematic

review and meta-analysis. Nature Human Behaviour.


  • BSc Medical Sciences (University of Exeter)
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine (University of Exeter)



Supervision / Group

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