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University of Exeter Medical School

 Maria Garcia Garrido

Maria Garcia Garrido

Postdoctoral Research Associate

 Hatherly Hatherly Labs


Hatherly Building, University of Exeter, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4PS, UK


I first graduated from the University of Granada with a BSc in Biology and continue my studies with an MSc in Biomedicine at the University of Barcelona. My master’s project was carried out in the Institute of Neuropathology at the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and it was focused on the study of rapid degenerative dementias; including Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies.

After graduating I joined the Laboratory of Neurobiology at the University of Malaga for one year. Here research was focused on how memory and cognitive functions are processed and how they can be restored; aging and Alzheimer’s disease rodent models were used for it.

I began my PhD in September 2016 at the University of Exeter as part of the Alzheimer’s Society Doctoral Training Centre at Exeter, under the supervision of Dr Jon Brown and Prof John Terry.


  • BSc Biology, University of Granada (2014)

  • MSc Biomedicine, University of Barcelona (2015)

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Research interests

I started my PhD in September 2016 under the supervision of Dr Jon Brown and Prof John Terry, funded by the Alzheimer’s Society. My PhD is focused on the study of the medial entorhinal cortex and how it’s affected in Alzheimer’s disease through in vivo studies performed in rodent models.

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