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University of Exeter Medical School

Dr Maedeh Mansoubi

Dr Maedeh Mansoubi

Senior Research Fellow in Digital Health Innovation and Public Health


 Medical School Building F.05


Medical School Building, St Luke's Campus, Magdalen Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Dr Maedeh Mansoubi is a Co-lead of the Rehabilitation science module and a Senior Research Fellow in Digital Health Innovation and Public Health at the Medical School.

She holds a PhD in Physical Activity, Public Health and Behaviour Change, specialising in using technology and objective measurement, from Loughborough University. She is currently working in the field of health innovation and the healthcare system by applying digital technology to promote public health.

Dr Maedeh Mansoubi is developing an Innovative Digital Health and rehabilitation enterprise to improve primary care and Remote healthcare system in the UK in Collaboration with International Industry collaborators. She has built unique expertise and capabilities in Digital Health Innovation by working with and learning from world-renowned scholars in this area.

Her novel, innovative research projects bring together multidisciplinary research collaborations and have promising applications for healthcare. She is currently collaborating with an international industry partner to set up the system in the UK to realise her research ambition for digital rehabilitation, telehealth, and performance improvement. She has additional capabilities and skill sets in app development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a variety of virtual reality systems to use in her meta system for digital rehabilitation.

Dr Mansoubi is a steering group panel member within the Health Technology network at the University of Exeter. She fosters collaboration among researchers, professionals, and stakeholders, fostering a vibrant environment for innovation and cutting-edge advancements in Digital Health technology at the University of Exeter.

Dr Mansoubi is an EDI advisor at EPSRC Bionic+ and a frequent guest lecturer at different national and international Universities. She teaches in international workshops and webinars. Also, she is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences. 


  • PhD in (Behavioural medicine) physical activity, public health, and behaviour change at Loughborough University.
  • M.Sc (Distinction) in Physical Activity and Health Science.
  • B.Sc (Hons) in Cellular & Molecular Biology.

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Research interests

Dr Mansoubi previously led several projects that include but are not limited to the Internet of Things (IoT), Application of Virtual Reality (VR) in Rehabilitation, Smart Patient Monitoring and Computer Vision. Dr Mansoubi is an expert in using technology in behavioural change interventions to improve quality of life and well-being across different age groups.

Before joining the University of Exeter, she successfully developed and led the Health Innovation and Technology Trials group in collaboration with the national and international experts in Digital Health and Public Health at the MOReS Centre, Oxford Brookes University.

Recent Research Summary:

  • Knee4life project NIHR Exeter Biomedical Research Centre (Principal Investigator): The aim of this study is to create a cost and time-effective remote patient monitoring method through computer vision. The method will be used to keep an eye on patients who have undergone total knee replacement surgery to diagnose and predict the risk of knee stiffness. This system will help both patients and clinicians to intervene in a timely manner, reducing the risk of second knee surgery and other complications.
  • Digital PhysioOT(sub-study) project NIHR Exeter Biomedical Research Centre (Principal Investigator): This project is part of a larger project PTOT, which has been funded by NIHR and is aiming to find and examine a feasible and acceptable method to assist people with frailty. 
  • Move Well Virtual Platform For Stroke Survivors Rapid Rehabilitation Through Fun Exergaming-based Learning Of Accurate Body Movements (co-Investigator) funded by SBRI: This collaborative industrial-led project is providing virtual prescribed rehabilitation to stroke survivors at their comfort of home.

  • Seed-corn award University of Exeter (Principal Investigator): Working and developing an Innovative Digital Health and rehabilitation enterprise to improve primary care and Remote healthcare system in the UK in Collaboration with International Industry collaborators.
  • Health-Related Quality of Life in Older Adults: Measuring What Matters to Older People: The project is an international collaboration with Universities in Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.
  • Transforming Older Adult Disability Through Virtual, Peer-Led Community Rehabilitation: Led by MSK Charities: funded by Innovate UK
  • Locomotion (Long Covid Trial), Home monitoring of Long Covid symptoms and gathering patient feedback using lightweight, electronic equipment worn by people with Long Covid - in collaboration with 11 NHS sites. Funded by NIHR
  • HappierFeet-Disrupting the vicious cycle of healthcare decline in Diabetic Foot Ulceration through active prevention: The future of self-managed care project funded by EPSRC in collaboration with the University of Manchester, Leeds, Southampton and Loughborough University.
  • Computer-vision-aided community back pain Physiotherapy services funded by Innovate UK.
  • Relationship between lifestyle and health factors with the environment in young people: An IoT project
  • Movement and mood in school children (As a part of Epic 3) project
  • An investigation into sedentary behaviour compensation: Do desk-based office workers using a sit-to-stand workstation compensate by increasing their sedentary time and reducing their physical activity at other times of the day?
  • Energy expenditure during common sitting and standing tasks: examining the 1.5 MET definition of sedentary behaviour
  • Validity of the ActiGraph Inclinometer Algorithm for Detecting Sitting and Standing Postures

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Journal articles

Cronin NJ, Mansoubi M, Hannink E, Waller B, Dawes H (2023). Accuracy of a computer vision system for estimating biomechanical measures of body function in axial spondyloarthropathy patients and healthy subjects. Clinical Rehabilitation, 37(8), 1087-1098. Abstract.
Zare N, Mansoubi M, Coe S, Najafi AA, Bailey K, Harrison K, Sheehan J, Dawes H, Barker K (2023). An investigation into the relationship between nutritional status, dietary intake, symptoms and health-related quality of life in children and young people with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Pediatr, 23(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Mansoubi M, Dawes J, Bhatia A, Vashisht H, Collett J, Greenwood DC, Ezekiel L, O'Connor D, Leveridge P, Rayner C, et al (2023). Digital home monitoring for capturing daily fluctuation of symptoms; a longitudinal repeated measures study: Long Covid Multi-disciplinary Consortium to Optimise Treatments and Services across the NHS (a LOCOMOTION study). BMJ Open, 13(8). Abstract.  Author URL.
Mate KKV, Abou-Sharkh A, Mansoubi M, Alosaimi A, Dawes H, Michael W, Stanwood O, Harding S, Gorenko D, Mayo NE, et al (2023). Evidence for the Efficacy of Commercially Available Wearable Biofeedback Gait Devices: Consumer-Centered Review. JMIR Rehabil Assist Technol, 10 Abstract.  Author URL.
Kashi A, Dawes H, Mansoubi M, Sarlak Z (2023). The Effect of a Physical Exercise Package on the Motor Proficiency of Students with Down Syndrome. Iranian Journal of Pediatrics, 33(1). Abstract.
Kashi A, Dawes H, Mansoubi M, Sarlak Z (2023). The Effect of an Exercise Package for Students with Intellectual Disability on Motor and Social Development. Iranian Journal of Child Neurology, 17(2), 93-110. Abstract.
Lazem H, Hall A, Gomaa Y, Mansoubi M, Lamb S, Dawes H (2023). The Extent of Evidence Supporting the Effectiveness of Extended Reality Telerehabilitation on Different Qualitative and Quantitative Outcomes in Stroke Survivors: a Systematic Review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(17), 6630-6630. Abstract.
Mansoubi M, Learmonth YC, Mayo N, Collet J, Dawes H (2023). The MoXFo Initiative: Using consensus methodology to move forward towards internationally shared vocabulary in multiple sclerosis exercise research. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 29(13), 1551-1560. Abstract.
Coe S, Andreoli D, George M, Collett J, Reed A, Cossington J, Izadi H, Dixon A, Mansoubi M, Dawes H, et al (2022). A feasibility study to determine whether the daily consumption of flavonoid-rich pure cocoa has the potential to reduce fatigue and fatigability in people with Parkinson's (pwP). Clinical Nutrition ESPEN, 48, 68-73.
Lawrie S, Coe S, Mansoubi M, Welch J, Razzaque J, Hu MT, Dawes H (2022). Dietary Patterns and Nonmotor Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease: a Cross-Sectional Analysis. Journal of the American Nutrition Association, 42(4), 393-402.
Brusco N, Voogt A, Nott M, Callaway L, Mansoubi M, Layton N (2022). Meeting Unmet Needs for Stroke Rehabilitation in Rural Public Health: Explorative Economic Evaluation of Upper Limb Robotics-Based Technologies through a Capabilities Lens. Societies, 12(5), 143-143. Abstract.
Hannink E, Mansoubi M, Cronin N, Wilkins B, Najafi AA, Waller B, Dawes H (2022). Validity and feasibility of remote measurement systems for functional movement and posture assessments in people with axial spondylarthritis. Healthcare Technology Letters, 9(6), 110-118.
Mansoubi M, Coe S, Cossington J, Collet J, Clegg M, Palace J, Cavey A, DeLuca GC, Ovington M, Dawes H, et al (2021). Physical Activity and Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis:. Secondary Outcomes from a Double-blinded Randomized Controlled Trial of Cocoa Flavonoid Drinks. Translational Medicine and Exercise Prescription, 53-61. Abstract.
Mansoubi M, Weedon BD, Esser P, Mayo N, Fazel M, Wade W, Ward TE, Kemp S, Delextrat A, Dawes H, et al (2020). Cognitive Performance, Quality and Quantity of Movement Reflect Psychological Symptoms in Adolescents. J Sports Sci Med, 19(2), 364-373. Abstract.  Author URL.
Mansoubi M, Pearson N, Biddle SJH, Clemes SA (2016). Using Sit-to-Stand Workstations in Offices: is There a Compensation Effect?. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 48(4), 720-725. Abstract.  Author URL.
Mansoubi M, Pearson N, Clemes SA, Biddle SJ, Bodicoat DH, Tolfrey K, Edwardson CL, Yates T (2015). Energy expenditure during common sitting and standing tasks: examining the 1.5 MET definition of sedentary behaviour. BMC Public Health, 15 Abstract.  Author URL.
Mansoubi M, Pearson N, Biddle SJH, Clemes S (2014). The relationship between sedentary behaviour and physical activity in adults: a systematic review. Prev Med, 69, 28-35. Abstract.  Author URL.

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External Engagement and Impact

Editorial responsibilities

Review Editor for Translational Medicine in Frontiers in Medicine

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I am a co-leader of the Rehabilitation Science module at the University of Exeter. Furthermore, I serve as an SSU provider, offering guidance and mentorship to medical school students, and assisting them in their exploration of rehabilitation and health innovation technologies in research.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of being invited as a guest lecturer and facilitating webinars and workshops at various prestigious universities. 

In addition, I have taken on the responsibility of supervising both PhD and Master's students. In this capacity, I provide guidance and support to aspiring researchers, aiding them in honing their research skills and accomplishing their academic and professional aspirations.



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