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University of Exeter Medical School

Dr Ji Chen

Dr Ji Chen

Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Ji obtained his Bachelor’s degree (2007) in Math from the Southeast University followed by a Master’s degree (2010) in Probability and Statistics from the Southeast University. He was awarded a PhD in Statistics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2013), after which he was appointed as the leader of a bioinformatics group in a biotechnology company (Ribobio). In 2015, he joined Professor Inês Barroso’s team at the Wellcome Sanger Institute to study the genetics of type 2 diabetes and related glycaemic traits. After moving with Professor Barroso, and working as research associate at the MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge (2019), he moved with Professor Barroso to the University of Exeter as a research fellow (2020).

Ji is an expert of data science and has lots of experience in applying statistical methods and models to study genetics data. He has peer-reviewed publications on both statistics and genetics.


  • THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG, Hong Kong, Ph.D. in Statistics (2013)
  • SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY, China, Master in Probability and Mathematical Statistics (2010)
  • SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY, China, Bachelor in Applied Mathematics (2007)


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Research interests

Ji is interested in discovering genetic associations with type 2 diabetes and related glycaemic traits, understanding the underlining biology of these associations and using them to improve the diagnosis of diabetes and prediction of diabetes progression. To achieve these aims, his other interests are in studying, improving and developing genetics data analysis methods.

Research projects

  • Genome-wide trans-ancestry analyses of glycaemic traits
  • Trans-ancestry fine-mapping of glycaemic loci
  • HbA1c study using UK Biobank and other cohorts

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