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 Dawn Lee

Dawn Lee

Associate Professor of Health Economics and Health Policy



Dawn is Associate Professor of Health Economics and Health Policy, working with the Peninsula Technology Assessment Group (PenTAG), one of 11 research units in the UK providing expert advice on the clinical and cost-effectiveness of new drugs to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Dawn joined PenTAG / Exeter University in Sept 2022 following over 15 years in economic consultancy where she worked most recent as the Chief Scientific Officer for a medium sized health economics consultancy (Lumanity; formerly BresMed). She is a health economic modeler who has conducted over 50 UK Health Technology Assessment submissions and worked in over 30 countries globally, a member of NICE’s interventional procedures advisory committee (IPAC) and the R for HTA group. Dawn’s key project achievements include representing manufacturers at ~30 HTA Committee meetings, working on the first ever immune-oncology submission to NICE (TA268), first ever PD-1 submission to NICE (TA384) and a considerable number following this and the first ITC accepted by G-BA.

Dawn’s main research interests are oncology modelling; particularly immune-oncology and therefore flexible survival modelling and the incorporation of external data within extrapolations, structured expert elicitation and improving diagnostic pathways.


  • MSc Health Economics and Decision Modelling
  • MMath Mathematics


Research interests

Dawn’s main research interests are:

  • Oncology modelling; particularly immune oncology and the various issues that stem from this including flexible survival modelling, incorporation of external data within extrapolations, methods for assessment of tumor agnostic indications, issues around combination therapies
  • Structured expert elicitation (where she is currently working on development of open-source materials with York University with the aim of facilitating greater uptake)
  • Increasing uptake of more efficient software for health economic modelling. Ideated and oversaw the development of intRfac : an end-to-end modelling solution using R / R-SHINY to increase the efficiency of model development and ease of quality control.
  • Next gen HTx: patient-centered, societally oriented, real-time decision making on access to and reimbursement for health technologies
  • Improving diagnostic pathways



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