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University of Exeter Medical School

Professor Chris Fox

Professor Chris Fox

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

 07411 746549

 College House 


College House, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Chris Fox is an expert in mental health and dementia research.  He spent 6 years training in psychiatry and researching trauma/personality assessments and treatment and psychometric assessment development with the Ministry of Defence. Then he went into the NHS and trained in Oxford undertaking an MD on anger characterisation in elderly mentally ill patients at UCL. He then worked in Kent running a memory service, holding a position at KIMHS University of Kent and was the first clinical director at Kent and Medway NIHR Comprehensive Research Network. In 2010 he was appointed as the first Clinical Academic Psychiatrist at Norwich Medical School and Eastern region dementia DeNDRoN lead and he ended up head of department of clinical academic medicine until 2021.  
Chris has undertaken 4 highly cited Cochrane reviews in dementia, set up and developed clinical trials in dementia as a chief investigator and regional lead.

Chris has a long term UK/US collaboration with Indiana Medical School. He jointly co-developed work on the harms of screening, medication trials in dementia, collaborative care in dementia and the most highly cited anticholinergic burden scale. He  worked as an NHS consultant for 9 years and developed an applied research strategy.

Chris has led national programmes in hospital care research in dementia (PERFECTED/ASCRIBED) and has been a co-investigator on several large scale programmes of research in dementia over the last decade on technology (ATILLA), medication (MADE/SADD/Symbadd) and psychological interventions (PATHFINDER).

Chris currently leads 5 national NIHR programmes in sleep, dementia and multi-morbidity (TIMES), carers (CARECOACH), recovery colleges (DISCOVERY), social prescribing (SPLENDID) and AI diet risk modelling to prevent multimorbidity  (INFLAIM).

His key research themes are:

  • Data and multi-morbidity including applied artificial intelligence
  • Technology and healthcare
  • Novel medication CTIMPS relevant to dementia
  • Brain health - multi-morbidity

Chris is currently leading with 4 health care technology companies on multi-million pound research programmes in software/AI/ technical devices to improve delivery and assessment of health care.

Chris is co-medical director of NIHR Health Technology research centre south west and national industry engagement lead for the NIHR Health technology coordinating centre


  • MB BS
  • Bsc
  • Mmedsci
  • MD
  • MRCPsych
  • Cert AV Med


Medical training 1985-1991

General medical 1991-1992

General practice Berlin Germany 1992-1993

Higher specialist training 1993-2001

Consultant psychiatrist/ Senior lecturer University of Kent/ Kent and medway NHS and social care partnership trust 2001-2010

Senior Lecturer->Professor of clinical psychiatry University of East Anglia 2010-2021

Honorary consultant psychiatrist Norfolk and suffolk nhs foundation trust 2010-

Professor of clinical psychiatry university of exeter 2021-


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Research interests

Professor Chris Fox has an interest in developing and evaluating interventions at scale in multi-morbidity and dementia using technology and novel data to support discovery and innovation.

Key flagship projects in intervention developments and data:


MRC GEMINI (Led by Professor Frayling)




Biomedical research:

He has a track record in inflammation and its application in dementia. He leads the Alzheimers research UK ASCRIBED programme

ACB - pocast on Spotify

Research projects

  • NIHR INFLAIM 2024-2032
  • NIHR SPLENDID 2023-2028
  • NIHR CARECOACH 2021-2026
  • NIHR DISCOVERY 2021-2024
  • NIHR TIMES 2022-2027
  • NIHR DISCOVERY 2022-2025
  • E-WHELD-2020-2022
  • PATHFINDER-2018-2023
  • MRC GEMINI 2021-2025
  • NIHR AIM INFLAIM 2020-2022
  • ARUK ASCRIBED 2017-2024


Recovery in dementia: New study which will look at how NHS mental health Recovery Colleges may help to support people with dementia | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (

Rehabilitation in dementia video:

Gemini MRC project:

Research networks

NIHR ARC East of England




Member of national NIHR HRC managment group

Research grants

  • 2021 NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research
    Discovery - recovery colleges in dementia

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Journal articles

Allan LM (In Press). Is it possible to Develop a complex Intervention to improve the outcome of Fall-Related Injuries in people with Dementia? a mixed methods study to develop and assess the feasibility of the DIFRID intervention. Health Technology Assessment
Scheibl F, Boots L, Eley R, Fox C, Gracey F, Harrison Dening K, Oyebode J, Penhale B, Poland F, Ridel G, et al (2024). Adapting a Dutch Web-Based Intervention to Support Family Caregivers of People with Dementia in the UK Context: Accelerated Experience-Based Co-Design. JMIR Form Res, 8 Abstract.  Author URL.
McDermid J, Henley W, Corbett A, Williams G, Fossey J, Clare L, Fox C, Aarsland D, Khan Z, Soto M, et al (2024). Impact of the iWHELD digital person-centered care program on quality of life, agitation and psychotropic medications in people with dementia living in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic: a randomized controlled trial. Alzheimers Dement, 20(3), 1797-1806. Abstract.  Author URL.
Marshall J, Papavasiliou E, Fox C, Hawkes M, Irvine A, Moniz-Cook E, Pick A, Polley MJ, Reeve J, Robinson L, et al (2024). Social prescribing for people living with dementia (PLWD) and their carers: what works, for whom, under what circumstances and why - protocol for a complex intervention systematic review. BMJ Open, 14(4). Abstract.  Author URL.
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Fox C, Hammond SP, Backhouse T, Poland F, Waring J, Penhale B, Cross JL (2023). Implementing PERFECT-ER with Plan-Do-Study-Act on acute orthopaedic hospital wards: Building knowledge from an implementation study using Normalization Process Theory. PLoS One, 18(2). Abstract.  Author URL.
Birt L, West J, Poland F, Wong G, Handley M, Litherland R, Hackmann C, Moniz-Cook E, Wolverson E, Teague B, et al (2023). Protocol for a realist evaluation of Recovery College dementia courses: understanding coproduction through ethnography. BMJ Open, 13(12).
Aryankhesal A, Blake J, Wong G, Megson M, Briscoe S, Allan L, Broomfield NM, Eastwood Z, Greene L, Hilton A, et al (2023). Sleep disturbance in dementia or mild cognitive impairment: a realist review of general practice. British Journal of General Practice, 74(741).
Logan PA, Horne JC, Allen F, Armstrong SJ, Clark AB, Conroy S, Darby J, Fox C, Gladman JR, Godfrey M, et al (2022). A multidomain decision support tool to prevent falls in older people: the FinCH cluster RCT. Health Technol Assess, 26(9), 1-136. Abstract.  Author URL.
Secchi A, Mamayusupova H, Sami S, Maidment I, Coulton S, Myint PK, Fox C (2022). A novel Artificial Intelligence-based tool to assess anticholinergic burden: a survey. Age Ageing, 51(8). Abstract.  Author URL.
Henderson C, Knapp M, Stirling S, Shepstone L, High J, Ballard C, Bentham P, Burns A, Farina N, Fox C, et al (2022). Cost-effectiveness of mirtazapine for agitated behaviors in dementia: findings from a randomized controlled trial. International Psychogeriatrics, 34(10), 905-917. Abstract.
Pontifex MG, Martinsen A, Saleh RNM, Harden G, Fox C, Muller M, Vauzour D, Minihane A-M (2022). DHA-Enriched Fish Oil Ameliorates Deficits in Cognition Associated with Menopause and the APOE4 Genotype in Rodents. Nutrients, 14(9).
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Maidment ID, Fox CG, Boustani M, Rodriguez J, Brown RC, Katona CL (2008). Efficacy of memantine on behavioral and psychological symptoms related to dementia: a systematic meta-analysis.  Author URL.

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External Engagement and Impact


  • Max Hamilton Prize for psychiatry research 1999 University of Leeds
  • Altman bursary 1999 for stats University of Oxford
  • Presidential Award for best clinical trial “MAGD trial” 2011 AGS USA

Committee/panel activities

  • Chair of NIHR Dementia national portfolio development group.
  • Editor Geriatrics
  • Board member Interdem dementia public health, prevention and technology
  • Board member NIHR ARC eastern data and multimorbidity themes
  • Clinical Advisor to Alzheimer’s Research UK policy group
  • Board member Costal Health NIHR ARC Network
  • Co-director NIHR HRC sustainable technology

Invited lectures

  • Interdem academy Nottingham October 2021
  • Dementia 2022 conference
  • MSNAP conference 2023 key note

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Teaching responsibilities: (Undergraduate, Postgraduate)

Advisee tutor Norwich Medical School

Phd Supervisor

External Examiner:

Dementia MSC University of Brighton

Neurodegeneraton DPHil University of Cambridge

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