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 Andrew Forbes Brown

Andrew Forbes Brown

PhD Student

 +44 (0) 1392 403081

 Diabetes and Vascular Research Centre 


Andrew's research until now has focused on oxidative stress and muscle damage, and more recently measuring symptom variation and severity in Meniere’s disease, and the relationship these factors have with lifestyle habits. This project was under the supervisor of Dr Jess Tyrrell.

Away from research his time has been focused on improving health and wellbeing through a number of different ways. These have been variable and range from working as a HCA at the RD&E hospital delivering patient care, to charity work improving the mental health of young people through surfing courses.


MSc – Environment and Human Health



Research interests

Andrew's research interests focus on the physiology of disease and our understanding of how disease manifests and progresses in the body. He is currently working on type 2 diabetes examining the relationship between blood vessel health and kidney function, this will be achieved using a number of novel imaging markers, matched with traditional markers of kidney function and disease progression. This project is funded by the innovative medicines initiative and supervised by Professor Angela Shore and Dr Kim Gooding.

External Engagement and Impact

Graduate Research Assistant with UEMS



Supervision / Group

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