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University of Exeter Medical School

Dr Amy McAndrew

Dr Amy McAndrew

Clinical Trials Manager


 College House Clinical Trials Unit


College House, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Amy joined Exeter Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) in January 2020. Amy is a trial manager currently working on the HemiSPAIRE trial. Before joining the CTU, Amy completed her PhD, Masters and Undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Exeter. Amy then began her work in clinical trials by taking up a postdoctoral post on the KARE trial working jointly as the trial manager and one of the trial investigators. Since joining the CTU Amy has worked on a variety of trials including MIKROBE and BRACE.


  • PhD in Psychology
  • MSc in Psychological Research Methods
  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology

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Journal articles

Ball S, McAndrew A, Aylward A, Cockcroft E, Gordon E, Kerridge A, Morgan-Trimmer S, Powell R, Price A, Rhodes S, et al (In Press). Detailed statistical analysis plan for a randomised controlled trial of the effects of a modified muscle sparing posterior technique (SPAIRE) in hip hemiarthroplasty for displaced intracapsular fractures on post-operative function compared to a standard. lateral approach: HemiSPAIRE. Trials Abstract.
Carlyle M, Dumay N, Roberts K, McAndrew A, stevens T, Lawn W, Morgan C (In Press). Improved memory for information learnt before alcohol use in social drinkers tested in a naturalistic setting. Scientific Reports Abstract.
Grabski M, McAndrew A, Lawn W, Marsh B, Raymen L, Stevens T, Hardy L, Warren F, Bloomfield M, Borissova A, et al (2022). Adjunctive Ketamine with Relapse Prevention-Based Psychological Therapy in the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder. Am J Psychiatry, 179(2), 152-162. Abstract.  Author URL.
Marsh B, Carlyle M, Carter E, Hughes P, McGahey S, Lawn W, Stevens T, McAndrew A, Morgan CJA (2019). Shyness, alcohol use disorders and ‘hangxiety’: a naturalistic study of social drinkers. Personality and Individual Differences, 139, 13-18. Abstract.
Hardy L, Josephy K, McAndrew A, Hawksley P, Hartley L, Hogarth L (2018). Evaluation of the Peninsula Alcohol and Violence Programme (PAVP) with violent offenders. Addiction Research & Theory, 0, 1-8. Abstract.
McLaren IPL, McAndrew A, Angerer K, McLaren R, Forrest C, Bowditch W, Monsell S, Verbruggen F (2018). Mackintosh lecture—: Association and cognition: Two processes, one system. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology
McAndrew A, Lawn W, Stevens T, Porffy L, Brandner B, Morgan CJA (2017). A proof-of-concept investigation into ketamine as a pharmacological treatment for alcohol dependence: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Trials, 18(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Morgan C, McAndrew A, Stevens T, Nutt D, Lawn W (2017). Tripping up addiction: the use of psychedelic drugs in the treatment of problematic drug and alcohol use. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 13, 71-76. Abstract.
Weidemann G, McAndrew A, Livesey EJ, McLaren IPL (2016). Evidence for multiple processes contributing to the Perruchet effect: Response priming and associative learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition
Verbruggen F, McAndrew A, Weidemann G, Stevens T, McLaren IPL (2016). Limits of Executive Control: Sequential Effects in Predictable Environments. Psychological Science, 27(5), 748-757. Abstract.  Author URL.
McLaren IPL, Dunn BD, Lawrence NS, Milton FN, Verbruggen F, Stevens T, McAndrew A, Yeates F (2014). Why decision making may not require awareness. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 37(1), 35-36.
McAndrew A, Jones FW, McLaren RP, McLaren IPL (2012). Dissociating expectancy of shock and changes in skin conductance: an investigation of the Perruchet effect using an electrodermal paradigm. J Exp Psychol Anim Behav Process, 38(2), 203-208. Abstract.  Author URL.


McAndrew A, Weidemann G, McLaren IPL (2013). Can US sensitization account for the electrodermal variant of the Perruchet effect?. Cognitive Science. 1st - 1st Jan 2013.
Bowditch WA, McLaren RP, McAndrew A, McLaren IPL (2013). Contextual Renewal and Awareness: Dissociating awareness within an electrodermal conditioning paradigm. Cognitive Science. 1st - 1st Jan 2013.
McAndrew A, Yeates F, Jones FW, Verbruggen F, McLaren IPL (2013). Modeling a reaction time variant of the Perruchet effect in humans. Cognitive Science. 1st - 1st Jan 2013.

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