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Our Pillars of Learning

Exeter Nurses will be nurses first and foremost. They will be expert at caring for individuals, and in helping them perform the core activities that contribute to health, recovery or dignified death; activities that the individual would perform by themselves if they had the necessary strength, will or knowledge.

The Exeter Nurse works in partnership with patients, family members, informal caregivers, and members of the Nursing Academy PPI group upholding the principle “nothing about us without us”.  The Exeter Nurse listens to and learns from the patient voice sharing the process of healthcare decision-making.

The Exeter nurse will be a scientist practitioner.  They will understand evidence-based practice and how to achieve this through finding, appraising, using, and producing research evidence, so that they can act as scientist practitioners when planning and delivering care in every nursing encounter.

The Exeter Nurse prioritises the holistic components of wellbeing, including the wider psychological, emotional and social impacts on health and care. They will work to ensure that the mental health care needs of people are considered as important as their physical health care needs, adopting a recovery focused approach.

The Exeter Nurse will lead by example, ensuring that healthcare is efficient, effective and evidence-based, and inspiring confidence in others who are delivering, or receiving, healthcare.

The Exeter nurse will deliver health care in the context of a drive for worldwide health improvement (including mental health), reduction of disparities, and protection against global threats that disregard national borders.

The Exeter nurse will demonstrate commitment to professional values including social justice, compassion, dignity and integrity and to the flourishing of individuals, families and communities. The Exeter nurse aspires always to do the right thing and to be of good character.