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Our Academy Team

Welcome from our Programme Lead

"I am passionate about nurse education and clinical excellence. As a nurse educator it is a rare opportunity to be at the start of an innovative nursing programme. It is this exciting prospect that has brought me to Exeter and the Academy of Nursing. I hope you find the idea of being part of something new, pioneering Exeter’s brand of nursing, as exciting as I do.

I have found nursing to be the most amazing profession and hope that your nursing career will be as fulfilling, demanding and empowering as mine. Your education will shape your nursing. It is a powerful influence on your future. I want you to be excited and challenged, but I also want you to really enjoy the experience.  Exeter will provide you with a strong nursing identity within a deliberately small number of students - we want to shape your learning experiences and plan around your career aspirations. You are important to us. We will know and care for you as individuals.

At Exeter, we (the University, our clinical partners, and patient representatives) have developed a truly unique nursing programme for you. It integrates physical and mental health. We can offer elective placements at home or abroad. Our four year MSci Nursing, year enables you to develop beyond the level of a traditional adult nursing programme. You may specialise in Mental Health Nursing or develop and advance your specialist clinical practice, and explore research, leadership, or education all at masters level. This final year will help position you for rapid career progression. Our clinical partners are fully supportive of Exeter’s radical approach. They are seeking inspiring and motivated nursing scientists to shape and lead nursing.

My aspiration is that Exeter nurses will be the ’best nurses’ and that our programme will provide an exceptional foundation to launch your career. If you share my vision and want to be a pioneer at Exeter, our new programme is designed for you."

Alison Marchbank
Programme Lead for MSci Nursing