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Welcome from our Head of Nursing

As the Head of the innovative Academy of Nursing, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.

This last year nurses, in our global community, have been celebrated for responding effectively to the health and social care needs of individuals, families and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The last year was also the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, one of the first nurse pioneers, and was designated Year of the Nurse and Midwife by the World Health Organisation.

During this pandemic, nurses are doing what they have always done. They aid recovery, provide mental health support, promote public health, enable exemplary end of life care and lead teams in the provision of excellent care across contexts and cultures. Nurses’ activities and their unique relationships with care-recipients, families and communities make a profound difference to health and well-being.

Students of nursing can feel proud that their chosen profession is one of the most respected and impactful, locally and globally. Developing the necessary knowledge, skills and values for 21st century nursing requires an innovative educational programme which enables students to develop the clinical and ethical competence and confidence needed to achieve excellence in care. This is what we offer at the University of Exeter.

The Academy of Nursing undergraduate MSci programme was designed and launched in 2018 by Professor David Richards, Alison MarchbankSusannah Tooze, key stakeholders, service users and colleagues in the College of Medicine and Health. The programme aims to produce nurses who are pioneers and leaders committed to exemplary care for all. Academy students will develop capabilities to meet the fundamental health and social care needs of diverse populations, underpinned by research and scholarship. They will be prepared to attend to mental distress and to demonstrate a commitment to global health and social justice through leadership in health promotion, care delivery, research and education. Critically, Academy students will appreciate the importance of collaboration and partnerships with patients, members of the public and with other professions.

Our expert Academy of Nursing team has extensive educational, research, clinical and leadership experience. We are committed to providing an educational experience that enables our graduates to deliver and lead the best possible health and social care. Our priority is to provide learning opportunities which contribute to the flourishing of students so they will be the best they can be, as nurses and global citizens.

The last year has been a challenging year for our global community. It has also been a year where the contribution of nurses has been recognised and celebrated. The legacy of Florence Nightingale, in the 200th anniversary year of her birth, reminds of the need for the spirit of a pioneer with the courage and commitment to take our most impactful profession forward. We might bear in mind Nightingale’s words: ‘nursing is a progressive art such that to stand still is to go backwards’.

To develop the progressive art of nursing requires exceptional students and an innovative educational experience. This is what we make possible in the Academy of Nursing at the University of Exeter.

We hope you will join us on this exciting and meaningful ‘Exeter Nurse’ journey to achieving excellent care for all.

Professor Ann Gallagher
Head, Academy of Nursing
Professor of Care Education, Ethics and Research