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A recording of the event can be found on YouTube.


 A visual illustrator, Eleanor Beer, sketched the launch in real-time - click here to see it.

NHS Ocean Virtual Launch

NHS Ocean

NHS Ocean aims to conserve and protect coastal and marine ecosystems through minimising harm resulting from the procurement and delivery of healthcare whilst increasing awareness of the benefits to human health and wellbeing from healthy seas, coasts, and waterways.

We will do this through advancing the education of healthcare and public health professionals and the public on the interdependence between human and oceanic health and collaboration, encouraging engagement with research institutions, environmental organisations, and communities.

Join the NHS Ocean Launch event, jointly delivered by NHS Ocean and the University of Exeter, to learn about the impacts of the healthcare sector on both the ocean and human health. Hear first-hand accounts from individuals and communities involved in positive action to help conserve and enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits and sustainable interactions with the Ocean. Engage with others in NHS Ocean to enable positive and sustainable change.


Through a light-touch interview, participants will be introduced to the personal story of how NHS Ocean came about, followed by interactive panels on both global issues (e.g. procurement) and individual/community issues (e.g. social prescribing), and how interactions with and restoration of blue spaces can impact on health and the role of the NHS. This will then lead to breakout groups to engage participants to share their own stories and to inspire actions. The meeting will conclude with a call to interdisciplinary and trans-sector collaborations actions in NHS Ocean going forward.

Launch Objectives

  1. Briefly describe the impacts of the healthcare sector on both ocean and human health. The focus will be on the UK NHS, but clearly, NHS Ocean can have wider international significance;
  2. Provide exemplars of individuals and communities involved in positive action to help conserve and enjoy the healthcare benefits and opportunities of sustainable interactions with the Ocean;
  3. Involve the participants and many others to engage in NHS Ocean.
Launch Event

A recording of the event can now be found on YouTube.