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New SEMS students 2021


Welcome to SEMS at the University of Exeter. 

The academic teaching staff on the Medical Sciences programmes are really looking forward to meeting you during Welcome week.  We wish you a safe journey to Exeter over the weekend and we hope that you settle well into your accommodation.

During Welcome Week you will have many opportunities to meet your fellow students and some of the teaching staff on your programmes too.  As well as the fun stuff offered by the Students' Guild (such as taster sessions for various societies and sports clubs for example) you will also be attending timetabled welcome/induction sessions for your degree programmes, which will inform you about what to expect as a student here in the College of Medicine and Health.

Some of the welcome sessions will be delivered online for safety reasons at this early stage in the academic year, but this will mean that the sessions can be recorded for you to review later in your own time.  During the online sessions, you can post questions to us using the chat function and we will do our best to respond to them in-session.  We do plan to offer in-person 'welcome' sessions a bit later in the term as well.  However, there will be plenty of in-person events for you to enjoy on our beautiful campuses during Welcome Week, including a 'Meet Your Academic Tutor' session, and information, social and networking sessions for our new international, BAME and mature students (please see the timetable below). 

Please find below an outline schedule for the Welcome Week activities planned for the BSc. Medical Sciences programmes. Once you have access to the University's online teaching timetable through the iExeter student app, you can  click on the 'Join meeting' link to join any online session.

Details on all of the Welcome Week sessions and other important resources for new students can be accessed on our Welcome Week ELE page

We will be updating this page regularly as new details of induction and welcome activities are released. We are also working within Government guidelines, meaning information and activities may change as that guidance changes as well. Please ensure you check back here frequently for updates.

If you have any questions about your induction or starting your studies, then the Info points are the place to go for any questions you may have about your life as an Exeter student. Ours is Info at St Luke's;  you can contact them on Tel: +44 (0)1392 724837 or Email:

We look forward to welcoming you!

Useful information

Tuesday 14th September 2021



Welcome To Your Programme academic induction on-line session



Information session for Sport & Exercise Medical Sciences students only


Student Voice and Peer Support

Hear from some of our current students about their academic and personal experience at the University of Exeter and find out how to get involved in the Students' Guild. 


Wednesday 15th September 2021


Various - 30 min classes
(check timetable for details)

Meet Your Academic Tutor classes 

30min classes on campus where you will get to know your academic tutor and fellow academic tutees (collectively known as an academic tutor group, ATG). Your ATG will be a great source of academic support throughout your time as a student with us, so say hello and share your stories with them during this informal welcome session. Please check your timetable on your iExeter App for times and rooms. St. Luke's campus map 

Various (check timetable for details)


Biosciences Laboratory Induction session

Please join Dr Katie Solomon and the Biosciences teaching team for an induction to the teaching laboratory you will be using as part of the Fundamental Skills for Medical Scientists module

Geoffrey Pope 101 Lab. (Building 20 on the Streatham campus map).

Thursday 16th September 2021



Mature Students Networking and Social Event 

If you identify as a mature student, please join Dr Sam Pollard, Academic Lead for Mature Student Support, for a fun and informative session on the mature students' community here in the College and available support.

Baring Court 114 (Building 5 on the St. Luke's campus map).  


Information session on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) principles and practice within the College (and wider University) and BAME students' support

Please join Dr Maisha Reza, Race Equality Resource Officer, to learn about issues relating to race, gender, faith and worldview, sexual orientation and disability and other equalities initiatives within the College and wider University.

South Cloisters 2.13. (Building 11 on the St. Luke's campus map).

International Student Support and Networking Event

If you are an international student, please join Dr Tudor Chinnah, Academic Lead for International Student Support, to learn about what support is available for international students here in Exeter and to meet international students from other programmes within the College.

EMS G18. (the lecture hall in building 8 on the St. Luke's campus map)

Friday 17th September 2021


Various - 30 min classes
(check timetable for details)

Meet Your Academic Tutor Classes 

Please check your timetable on your iExeter App for times and rooms. St. Luke's campus map 

Various (check timetable for details)


Pub(Med) quiz.

Join quiz host extraordinaire, Dr Alex Clarke, for an end of Welcome Week pub quiz to test your knowledge of all things Medical Science... and beyond. Please note that performance in this quiz will not contribute to your degree classification.


Recommended textbooks for the Medical School modules (all available as e-textbooks from the electronic library)

  • Naish, Jeanette and Syndercombe Court, Denise, 2019, Medical Sciences (3rd edition), Elsevier, ISBN 978-0-7020-7337-3
  • Sherwood, Lauralee, 2016, Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems (9th edition), Cengage Learning, ISBN: 978-1-285-86693-2
  • Costanzo, Linda, S. 2018, Physiology (6th edition), Elsevier, ISBN: 978-0-323-47881-6
  • Cottrell, Stella 2019, The Study Skills Handbook (5th edition), Red Globe Press ISBN: 978-1-137-61089-8