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Jones Oviawe is one of the founders of the start-up Money Story

Let's talk about money: Smartline supports financial wellbeing app

Smartline, the University of Exeter technology and wellbeing project, is supporting the development of a ground-breaking app which deals with money worries.

The app – created by Money Story, a Cornish start-up founded by Falmouth University graduates Jones Oviawe and Frantisek Nushart – takes the idea of using technology to aid contemplation and applies it to the anxiety many people feel about money.

Now their work is getting a welcome boost from Smartline through sharing knowledge about app development and financial technology and testing the app on a unique group of potential users in the Smartline area.

Jones, 36 and from London, said: “We are trying to facilitate wellbeing improvement and financial progress through the medium of contemplation.

“We want people to engage instead of being passive when it comes to their relationship with money.”

James Rowberry, Smartline’s Knowledge Exchange Officer who is working closely with Jones and Frantisek, said: “This app has the potential to open up the whole ‘money conversation’ improving the anxieties many people have in an easy engaging way. Support from Smartline’s academics will significantly advance the development of this early stage high potential new digital product.”

Jones adds: “We’re all worried about money right? Especially in these unusual times. And there are many financial planning apps out there already. But this one looks at a person’s whole attitude to money and helps them make changes which will benefit both their mental wellbeing and their pocket.

“We are hoping that Smartline will give us help around understanding how users engage with our app and to develop our experiences – which we call ‘quests’ – so that we create a rich and beneficial experience through using our app.”

Money Story is receiving support via Smartline’s In Residence scheme which enables access to University of Exeter academics, research facilities, data and expertise, to support business innovation and growth.

And, through the project’s partnership with Coastline Housing, unique access to a group of people who may have both money worries and difficulties with technology.

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Date: 8 June 2020

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