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A pervious visit from the University of Exeter to Rwanda


Exeter experts to share world-leading primary care knowledge with Rwanda

Healthcare practitioners and researchers from the University of Exeter will share their expertise in first point of patient contact and care with Rwandan medical professionals

Professor Alex Harding, Dr Rob Daniels, and Tina Teague have a combined background in family practice, remote medicine and healthcare management. The trio will travel to Rwanda in June, with the aim to train local healthcare workers in improving the level of quality primary care in the country.

Primary care is the initial phase of treatment a patient receives from a healthcare service and plays a critical part in determining successful healthcare outcomes.

Rwanda has a developing economy and healthcare system. Before the new millennium, one in five children died before their fifth birthday, often from malaria. The country has made progress in its healthcare provision, however more work is needed.

The three Exeter-based practitioners will share overarching principles in primary care, and the course structure will cover teachings in clinician-patient relationships, communicating risk and clinical issues in communities. The training sessions are designed to have widespread impact.

Under the course, the universities of Exeter and Rwanda will enter a partnership, with both institutions co-signing a Memorandum of Understanding agreement. This will cement a long-term partnership.

The partnership builds on a history of visits from the Exeter team to Rwanda, supported by the British Medical Association and Royal College of General Practice, and on the engagement of Rwanda health professionals on the Principles of Primary Care International CPD source since 2021.

The training is open to healthcare professionals across a broad spectrum of healthcare roles such as general practitioners, paramedics, midwives and pharmacists.

Alex Harding, Associate Professor in Community-Based Clinical Education at the University of Exeter, said: “The principles of primary care team feel privileged to be able to develop our work with our Rwandan colleagues through a Visiting faculty visit to the University of Rwanda in June. Through an intensive one-week visit, we’re looking forward to developing teaching and research capabilities and playing a part in further strengthening the primary care systems in both countries.”

Nadine Rujeni, Associate Professor in Medicine at the University of Rwanda, said: “We’re pleased to welcome a team from the University of Exeter, visiting us in June to strengthen our partnership in the areas of primary care, research and education. We’re looking forward in exchanging best practices and starting a long-term partnership. We’re confident this partnership will be invaluable and improve primary care in our respective countries.”

For more information on the programme, read here.

Date: 10 June 2022

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