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Student Medic, Evana Fleeming, has worked at Glastonbury Festival for the last 2 years

Student medics performed at Glastonbury Festival

A group of Exeter Medical students have been adjusting back to normal life after battling the crowds and mud of Glastonbury Festival to deliver top medical care to revellers.

The three trainee medics, who are based in Truro, put their training into practice by manning the first aid tent and responding to incidents at the worlds' largest festival in Somerset, a few weeks ago.

They completed an intense emergency care training course to prepare them for the extremities of the festival, where they expected to respond to minor injuries, alcohol and drug intoxication and other illnesses.

Evana Fleeming, a fourth year Medicine student said: “This is my second year of working at Glastonbury festival, and I’ve loved it even more than last year. Working for Festival Medical Services (FMS) provides a brilliant opportunity to gain further experience in prehospital medicine, to network with fellow medics and most importantly to enjoy an incredible festival between shifts. Despite the fallow year, I plan to continue volunteering for future events with FMS. I’d really recommend any healthcare student with an interest in prehospital or emergency medicine to join up!”

Annabel Callan, a third year Medicine student said: “Volunteering as a first aider at Glastonbury is a great opportunity and really beneficial in terms of providing new experiences and furthering my education, as well as benefiting others. I love a challenge and this opportunity provided an insight into ‘first on the scene’ medical treatment - an area of medicine that really excites and interests me.”

Oli Glaisyer, also a third year Medicine student, added: “Everything I've heard about event medicine at Glastonbury sounds like it will be huge fun with a great atmosphere."

“I'm looking forward to getting some more experience in acute care as it's an area I'm interested in once I qualify, after some really good placements in Treliske Emergency Department. I’m also hoping that this will be great experience working with other health care professionals, like paramedics around the festival.”

The opportunity for the students arose through the University of Exeter Medical School’s partnership with Festival Medical Services (FMS). FMS delivers high-quality event medical services at some of the UK’s largest festivals and gatherings, while raising money for charity projects.

Dr Ian Fussell, Community Sub Dean in Truro and Senior Team Member of FMS, said: “The students will have to deliver first aid and healthcare in a very challenging environment. They have been training as First Responders and will therefore be first on the scene at any incidents at the festival. It’s a great experience for them and will be very beneficial for their future careers in medicine.”
Students are invited to apply each year and are expected to contribute to the funding of their training for this role.

For more information, contact Dr Fussell.

Date: 5 July 2017

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