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How to eat like a Mediterranean to reduce dementia risk

How to eat like a Mediterranean to reduce risk of dementia

New research concludes that sticking to a Mediterranean diet can reduce demetnia risk by up to 35 per cent. The conclusion builds on our previous finding that subscribing to a Mediterranean diet may help maintain a healthy brain. Six key components of a Mediterranean diet are:

1. A varied combination of fruits, vegetables and grains such as wheat or beans, eaten every day at main meals
2. Olive oil - central to the Mediterranean diet and main source of dietary fat
3. Dairy eaten regularly at low to moderate amounts
4. Fish and shellfish at least twice a week
5. Lean meats twice a week, red and processed meats no more than twice a week
6. A moderate amount of wine (e.g. one glass), usually consumed with a meal.

The latest research, from a US collaboration, was presented today at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) 2017:

Read our previous study here:…/newsarc…/title_317578_en.html

To find out more about dementia research at Exeter, visit:

Date: 16 July 2017

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