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Seminar series: Institute of Health Research

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5 2018 - 5 September 201913:00

QuEX Initiator Grant Seminar: Economic Evaluation (cost-effectiveness analysis) in Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia.

Speakers include Professor Tracy Comans and Dr Kim-Huong Nguyen, who are visiting as part of the University of Queensland-University of Exeter (QuEX) Collaboration, Dr Ron Handels from the University of Maastricht, and Professor Colin Green from the University of Exeter Medical School.. Full details
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7 September 201814:00

The NIHR Academy: New Opportunities for all Health and Research Professions

Professor Dave Jones is the Dean for NIHR Trainees and a working clinical academic in the area of liver disease. He has a long track record in the area of academic training and led the recent review of NIHR Training which resulted in the development of the NIHR Academy which will launch in October 2018. He has a strong commitment to multi-professional opportunity creation and is the pioneer of the novel NIHR Academy Incubator model. He was awarded the OBE in 2018 for services to academic training.. Full details
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10 September 201810:30

Process evaluation for non-RCT studies

Introductory-level training workshops 2018. Full details
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12 September 201810:30

Introduction to process evaluation

Introductory-level training workshops 2018. Full details
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19 September 201810:30

Developing theory and logic models for process evaluations

Introductory-level training workshops 2018. Full details
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26 September 20189:30

APEx Workshop: Patient Safety

Professor Tony Avery will be presenting with others. More details to follow. Full details
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26 September 201813:00

APEx seminar: Making a difference with your research: towards improving patient safety in primary care

An overview of Tony Avery's research into patient safety in primary care over the last 20 years. Full details
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31 October 201813:00

APEx Seminar: Cancer diagnosis trials in primary care - ECASS and ERICA

Reporting on a large feasibility trial on oesophago-gastric cancer (ECASS) and an upcoming trial of six common UK cancers (ERICA). Full details
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8 November 201810:30

IHR Seminar: Mixed-methods mediation analysis for process evaluation

Speaker: Obi Ukoumunne. Full details
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14 November 201810:30

IHR Seminar: What is the difference between realist evaluation and process evaluation?

Speaker: Daisy Parker. Full details
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13 December 201810:30

IHR Seminar: How does ‘implementation’ in process evaluation relate to the ‘implementation studies’ field?

Speaker: Vashti Berry. Full details
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