Realist Hive

The Realist Hive provides opportunities for learning about, critiquing, and developing realist approaches to evaluation and synthesis in health services research. We do this through our blog and bi-monthly discussion meetings (see below).

We encourage guest blogs and suggestions for papers or topics (whether ‘realist’ or not) for discussion at Hive meetings. All are welcome to attend.  Please contact us: Mark Pearson and Becky Hardwick.


Future meetings

Date Topic Location

26th October 2016


It’s all about the programme theories.  Discussant Lisa Burrows 1.22 South Cloisters, St Luke's

Previous meetings

Date Topic Discussant
29th June 2016 What is real about operational research? Sean Manzi
6th May 2015 Astbury, B. & Leeuw, F.L (2010) Unpacking black boxes: Mechanisms and theory building in evaluation. American Journal of Evaluation Jo Day
11th March 2015 Walton, M. et al (2014) Applying complexity theory: A review to inform evaluation design. Evaluation and Planning 45 119-126 Katrina Wyatt
Robin Durie
11th December 2014 Pawson, R. et al (2014) Do reviews of healthcare interventions teach us how to improve healthcare systems? Social Science & Medicine 114 129-137 Rob Anderson
23rd October 2014 McLean, S. et al (2010) Interventions for enhancing adherence with physiotherapy: A systematic review. Manual Therapy 15 (6) 514-521 Sarah Dean
25th September 2014 Carroll, C. et al (2013) ‘Best fit’ framework synthesis: Refining the method. BMC Medical Research Methodology 13: 37 Leon Poltawski
20th May 2014 Jagosh, J. et al (2013) Critical reflections on realist review: insights from customizing the methodology to the needs of participatory research assessment. Research Synthesis Methods 5 131-141 Mark Pearson
12th February 2014 Rycroft-Malone, J. et al (2013) Collaborative action around implementation in CLAHRCs: towards a programme theory/ Journal of Health Services Research & Policy 18 (S3) 13-26 Becky Hardwick
30th October 2013 Jackson, S.F & Kolla, G. (2012) A new realistic evaluation analysis method: Linked coding of context, mechanism and outcome relationships. American Journal of Evaluation 33 339-349 Mark Pearson
16th September 2013 Ward, V. et al (2012) Exploring knowledge exchange: a useful framework for practice and policy. Social Science & Medicine 74 297-304 Becky Hardwick
24th July 2013 Pawson, R. & Manzano, A. (2012) A realist diagnostic workshop. Evaluation 18 176-191 Becky Hardwick
13th June 2013 Pawson, R. et al (2005) Realist review: a new method of systematic review designed for complex policy interventions. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy 10 (S1) 21-34 Mark Pearson