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PenSR - Peninsula Systematic Review discussion group

PenSR provided space to discuss 'how to do' systematic reviews - quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods or theory-driven. It was methodologically-focused, but pragmatic. The aim was to encourage and facilitate researchers to critically apply both established and emergent methods. The group also provided a forum to help enable researchers to develop collaborative links across research sites and specialities.

Due to improving and extending practical support for those conducting systematic reviews PenSR is no longer running. Below are some archived materials that may be of some help but otherwise please visit to access further help and support for your systematic review.

Previous meetings

DateMeeting TitleFiles

2nd May 2017 at 1-2pm

Sampling in Qualitative Evidence Synthesis & Using the CERQualTool  BY Dr Noreen Orr and Dr Ruth Garside PenSR Sampling in Quali EvidPenSR Sampling in Quali EvidPenSR Sampling in Quali EvidPenSR Sampling in Quali Evid‌‌

September 13th 2016 1pm

Searching for Grey Literature (Simon Briscoe, Alison Bethel and Morwenna Rogers) Searching for grey literature

June 14th 2016 12pm

GRADE – What is it and how might we use it for health technology assessment systematic reviews and  test evaluations (Linda Long and Chris Hyde) GRADE 

April 12th 2016  1pm

Heterogeneity in Meta-analysis – What it is and what to do with it Het in MA 

February 23rd 2016


PPI in systematic reviews: opportunities and challenges (Kate Boddy and Kristin Liabo) PenSR Workshop PPI

November 24th 2015 1pm

The landscape of realist review – Challenges and opportunities (Mark Pearson and Rebecca Hardwick) Pearson Hardwick

September 15th 2015


 Critically appraising critical appraisal for systematic reviews CA Intro
Cochrane Qual CA
Katikireddi et al
Anderson Hunt CA
Wallace et al

June 16th 2015


Narrative reviewing: a qualitative evidence synthesis of diverse literatures about values, normative debates and attitudinal barriers related to public involvement (Felix Gradinger) PenSR Narrative Synthesis

April 21st 2015

Searching for SRs: Problems, pitfalls and pragmatism (Morwenna Rogers and Alison Bethel)

Slides 21.04.15

January 20th 2015


Operational Research and Systematic Reviews: Chalk and cheese or fish and chips?’ workshop  

(Dr Tom Monks, University of Southampton)

PenSR 23/01 

August 5th 2014


Systematic review protocol clinic

(if you have a review or a protocol you wish to share with the group for feedback please let us know by 7th July)

No File

June 3rd 2014


Is a meta-analysis right for me? (Dr Jaime Peters) Meta analysis JP slides
April 1st 2014 1pm Literature searching for realist reviews (Simon Briscoe) SB slides ‌
February 4th 1pm 2014 Methodological approaches to reviews of implementation studies in health research (Dr Jo Thompson Coon) No File
December 3rd 1pm 2013 Conducting a Cochrane review - experiences of the process (Harriet Hunt, Morwenna Rogers, Alison Bethel, Dr Sarah Denford and Dr Kerryn Husk) No File
October 1st 1pm 2013 Using GRADE to evaluate clinical evidence in systematic reviews – a practical approach (Dr Linda Long)  GRADE
April 9th 1pm 2013 ADHD interventions in school settings: Getting to grips with a mixed methods review (Michelle Richardson, Darren Moore & Ruth Gwernan-Jones) Presentation
April 2013 pdf
February 5th 2013 How to undertake a systematic review and meta-ethnography (... and remain sane)
(Sue Child)
February 2013 pdf
4th Dec 2012 Seeing the forest AND the trees
(Todor Proykov)
December 2012 pdf
2nd Oct 2012 Who needs reporting guidelines in research?
(Thomas Fuller)
October 2012 pdf
7th Aug 2012 Systematic review protocol clinic No File
1st May 2012 The role of systematic review in PhD research: opportunities, challenges and contradictions (Rob Anderson) May 2012 pdf
7th Feb 2012 Public involvement in Systematic Reviews (Andy Gibson & Kate Boddy) February 2012 pdf
6th Dec 2011 Realist synthesis: What is it and why might I want to use it? (Mark Pearson) December 2011 pdf
4th Oct 2011 The visual evidence review: COGS (Will Stahl-Timmins) October 2011 pdf
2nd Aug 2011 Systematic review protocol clinic No File
7th June 2011 Making the best use of library resources (Sue Abbot, Pam Guldenhuys, & Mary Smith) No File
5th April 2011 Is a meta-analysis right for me? (Jaime Peters) April 2011 pdf
1st Feb 2011 Reviewing studies of implementation (Vicki Goodwin & Tracey Jones-Hughes)
7th Dec 2010 Getting started on a systematic review: defining a question and inclusion criteria (Ruth Garside) December 2010 pdf
5th Oct 2010 Outcome reporting bias in evaluations of Public Health interventions: Prevention of unintentional injuries to children (Mark Pearson & Jaime Peters) October 2010 pdf