InterTASC ISSG Workshop 9 July 2014

InterTASC ISSG Workshop

Wednesday 9 July 2014
The Forum, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter

InterTASC is the UK collaborative forum for eleven academic and commercial health technology assessment groups working for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) on behalf of NICE.

InterTASC ISSG is a sub-group of InterTASC and represents the information specialists who work on the technology assessment stream.

Chair's Welcome [content archived 10/07/2014]

We are delighted to welcome you to the University of Exeter for the inaugural InterTASC Information Specialists’ Sub-Group (ISSG) workshop.

This workshop has many roots but, at its heart, is the idea of a conversation between the various stakeholders in Health Technology Assessments (HTA). It represents a chance to highlight and showcase the work of information professionals and ISSG in HTA, as well as offering us all the chance to take the pulse of a variety of stakeholders, to find out how people work with information in various sectors, to hear how information is used by stakeholders and, ultimately, how the NICE committees and associated stakeholders interpret the information which we, as information specialists, provide. We will hear more of these thoughts from our speakers in the ‘Views From’ sessions and we will all have the chance to openly discuss these topics in the session which follows.

The agenda is a busy one and, in addition to the sessions in the auditorium, we have had an open call for posters and we play host to exhibitions from our sponsors. The posters will be displayed near to the Tea/Coffee/Lunch station, so do please make time to see them, and please visit our sponsors.

Sponsorship from our exhibitors has been very important to this day. It has allowed us not only to keep our ticket price low but it has also facilitated the workshop committee to fund two workshop awards. The first award was won by Mr Paul Wells and offers Paul the chance to attend the workshop and to spend a week here at PenTAG on work experience. The second award, a student travel award, was made to Ms Archana Deshmukh, who has been given a delegate place and funding for travel to Exeter. Archana is a student on the MA in Information Studies at the University of Brighton.

We close by saying again that we are very pleased to welcome you all to the University of Exeter for this, our first, workshop. We hope that you enjoy your day with us.


Chris Cooper                
Chair of InterTASC ISSG                   
Head of the Information Team: PenTAG

Jenny Lowe                     
Information Officer: PenTAG                  


Registration for this event is now closed.

Workshop agenda

Delegate Booklet [content archived 10/07/2014]

Speaker slides

View from pharmaceutical industry

Gerard Harty, Health Economist, Merck Serono

View from NICE

Zoe Garrett, Technical Adviser, Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, NICE

View from the InterTASC Information Specialists’ Sub-Group (ISSG)

Suzy Paisley, Senior Research Fellow and Head of Information Resource Group, University of

Trials registers, trials results registers and other research registers: searching challenges

Carol Lefebvre, Independent Information Consultant, Lefebvre Associates Ltd

Julie Glanville, Associate Director, YHEC, University of York

Web-searching for health technology assessment reports

Simon Briscoe, Information Specialist, University of Exeter

Where to find information on adverse drug effects

Su Golder, Research Fellow, University of York

Hayashi’s problem: The use of regulatory information for research synthesis

Tom Jefferson, Reviewer, Cochrane Acute Respiratory Group



Treatment switching in randomised controlled trials: implications for trial design Nicholas Latimer

Do we need to search MEDLINE and Embase for RCTs when CENTRAL should be sufficient?: a case study of search methods trialled in a HTA review of interventions to prevent postnatal depression Anna Cantrell

Assessing searches in Single Technology Appraisals: a comparative study of UK and German checklists Ruth Wong

Which Databases Cover Open Access Health Journals? Paul Wells

Retrospective evaluation of the impact of including HEED in literature searches for economic evaluations and economic models Judy Wright

Keeping Technology Appraisals up to date: identifying the evidence for Review Proposal Projects at NICE Paul Levay

Methods to update systematic literature searches: full update searching vs. forward citation chasing: A case study from a systematic review of diagnostic accuracy Jenny Lowe

Is it possible to focus EMTREE without loss of sensitivity when searching Embase for systematic reviews? Kate Misso

Supplementary searches of PubMed to improve currency of MEDLINE and MEDLINE In-Process searches via Ovid Steven Duffy

The role and work of ISSG Caroline Miller

Improving search efficiency by limiting searches for diagnostic studies to Medline and EMBASE: an exploratory study Louise Preston

SuRe info Su Golder

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