Team photo with Patrick Bossuyt rh218xfree main story pic

Left to right: Harriet Hunt, Zhivko Zhelev; Chris Hyde; Patrick Bossuyt (Visiting International Academic Fellow, April 2016); Julia Chisnell (Speciality Registrar in Public Health); Jaime Peters; Bogdan Grigore

In March 2016 we were joined by Patrick Bossuyt, a world renowned expert in medical test evaluation. Patrick is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the Amsterdam Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam where he has been responsible for innumerable test evaluations - particularly randomised controlled trials, resulting in over 600 peer reviewed publications. His lectures on the urgent need to extend the evaluation of tests to include measuring their consequences to patients (“consequentialism”) are legendary and he is the lead for the STARD guidelines, the internationally recognised standard for reporting studies of test accuracy, which has STARD 2015 Reporting Diagnostic Accuracy.

Patrick joined us as a Visiting International Academic Fellow from 7th to 18th March 2016, and met with a large number of our colleagues to discuss ideas on new tests and their evaluation. Patrick shared a great deal of his time and expertise, and it was a fabulous opportunity which many of us benefitted from. As Professor Stuart Logan, Head of the Institute of Health Research has put it, “The world listens to what Patrick Bossuyt says about new tests. If Exeter wants to get its new medical tests into practice it needs to listen to what Patrick has to say.”

Whist he was here, Patrick gave a talk titled “The evaluation of medical tests – from results to consequences” which is available to view online.