Cropped from Exeter Impact Award

Professor Rod Taylor has been appointed as a NIHR Senior Investigator

Awards recognise ESMI researcher among UK’s best

Along with three other UEMS professors, ESMI researcher Professor Rod Taylor has been recognised by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) as being among the most outstanding health researchers in the UK.  Professor Rod Taylor works in the field of cardiac secondary prevention and rehabilitation and received the accolade for the first time. 

Professor Rod Taylor said he was “delighted and privileged” to receive the award and join the NIHR College of Senior Investigators for the next five years. He said: “This award is great recognition for Exeter and the South West and my collaborators both nationally and internationally in the field of secondary cardiac prevention and rehabilitation research. Our programme of research promises a continuing pipeline of impactful evidence for people with heart disease and their carers and for health service providers and policy makers.”

Associate Professor Anderson, Director of ESMI, said: “This recognises the significant contributions the Rod has made through his internationally important primary research and systematic reviews in relation to heart disease and cardiac rehabilitation.  His innovative work with Oriana Ciani on surrogate outcomes in HTA, and in leading and publishing a wide range of Cochrane systematic reviews (with Lindsey Anderson as part of the Cochrane Heart Group), complement our diverse portfolio of applied and methodological evidence synthesis work.”

The NIHR is the research arm of the NHS. Senior Investigators are the NIHR’s pre-eminent researchers and represent the country’s 200 most outstanding leaders of clinical and applied health and social care research. Senior Investigators constitute a network of experts and provide research leadership to the NIHR, promoting clinical and applied research in health and social care.