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The magnificent view from our new South Cloisters offices.  Come and visit!

It was a clear and bright day when the first of the researchers from the Veysey Building started to trickle into South Cloisters at St Luke’s campus.  The move was a greatly anticipated adventure, finally bringing together the whole cadre of researchers in the Medical School onto one Campus.  Leading the mass exodus from the riverside was, of course, ESMI, journeying bravely into the unknown. 

Our new home, South Cloisters, is being completely renovated, and we have found ourselves in very fine accommodation on the top two floors, with fantastic views over the quad (see photo) and over the rest of the beautiful cathedral city of Exeter.  It is a great space to work in, a choice selection of café’s and shops just a short walk away in Magdalen Road, and Waitrose (with free coffee or tea), and the police station opposite us.  What more could a health services researcher want?

Hackworthy’s the removals company, did a sterling job of getting everyone’s goods and chattels to the right office space, and apart from a few ‘soft landing’ issues (such as making sure the glass in the men’s toilet cubicles was misted, not clear), it has been a smooth transition.

To mark the occasion, ESMI hosted the first Colossal Cloisters Cake off and invited colleagues from across the campus to join them for Cake and Conversation on the 3rd Floor, South Cloisters.  Winners and photos next week!