ESMI's paper pick

Here we invite members of ESMI to give the spotlight treatment of a recent paper for ESMI's pick.

April 2017

Simon Briscoe's commentary “The loss of the NHS EED and DARE databases and the effect on evidence synthesis and evaluation” in Research Synthesis Methods.  [Full story]

October 2016

Alison Bethel's publication “A systematic review of the health and well-being impacts of school gardening: synthesis of quantitative and qualitative evidence” in BMC Public Health.  [Full story]

June 2016

Daniel Chalk's publication “Which factors most influence demand for ambulances in South West England?” in Journal of Paramedic Practice.  [Full story]

December 2015

Jaime Peters' publication "Can clinical features be used to differentiate type 1 from type 2 diabetes? A systematic review of the literature" in BMJ Open. [Full story]

October 2015

Tristan Snowsill's publication "A model-based assessment of the cost–utility of strategies to identify Lynch syndrome in early-onset colorectal cancer patients" in BMC Cancer. [Full story]