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Support a Scholarship

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of primary care to deliver effective healthcare in the community that is accessible to all. Primary care is the most effective form of delivering healthcare around the world and the principle vehicle through which the WHO envisages delivering health for all.

How you can help

The cost of a fully funded scholarship is £500. By donating to the fund, you can help support a talented GP, nurse or health practitioner from a low/middle income country and enable them to attend the course, share their knowledge and help them make a significant contribution to improving healthcare in their communities.  All the participants will join a global community of primary healthcare providers working together to enable change and strengthen primary care systems, and the course opens up many options for further study and qualifications in the UK and internationally.

In recognition of your generosity, your name will be listed as a supporter on our website, and we will send you an update of how the course went and the impact of your donation.

To make a donation, please follow these instructions:

  • Select ‘Other’ under donation theme and specify your support to 'CPD Primary Care

  • Choose your donation amount

  • Don’t forget that if you would like to hear about the course and your impact, please opt in to being contacted by email

Make sure you make a donation via this link here