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A 'One Health' Perspective of Antimicrobial Resistance CPD Course

Antimicrobial Resistance


About the Course

In this course, we take a ‘One Health’ approach to understanding antimicrobial resistance: We consider the important roles that humans, animals, and the environment play in the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance.  

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is therefore recognised as a significant global threat to healthcare and society. AMR is a leading cause of death globally and has been referred to as a ‘silent pandemic’. Recent estimates suggest that 5 million people die each year from antibacterial resistant infections, with the cumulative impact upon the global economy placed at $100 trillion by the year 2050. AMR was added to the UK National Risk Register in 2014, alongside climate change, pandemic influenza, and terrorism.  

The Context

Nationally, the UK Government has recognised the importance of understanding AMR across humans, animals and the environment (One Health), and refer to this approach in several policy documents, including their 5-year AMR National Action Plan, their 20-year Vision for AMR, and in their Health and Environment communiqués for the recent G7 summit. A One Health approach to tackling AMR has also been identified as pivotal internationally by the World Health Organization in their report ‘World Leaders Call for Action and the United Nations and the Food & Agricultural Organisation, to name a few. 

Throughout the course, you will engage with experts involved in improving our ability to suppress the spread of antimicrobial resistance, including industry professionals and government practitioners involved in translating research into policy and practice.   

Who is it for?

This course requires no prior knowledge of microbiology and is therefore ideal for those who are new to the topic or are taking an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and tackling antimicrobial resistance. It will be particularly suitable to: 

  • Professionals, organisations, and teams with AMR in their portfolio  

  • Early-career researchers/postgraduate researchers undertaking research 

CPD Accreditation

The course has been approved for accreditation by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom

Delivery Dates and Format

Pre-reading week:  11th January

Virtual Teaching via Zoom: 19th January, 2nd February, 23rd February, 9th March 2023 (11:00-15:00)  

What will you learn?

  • Key concepts in the topic of antimicrobial resistance 

  • Understand the role that the environment, animals, and humans play in the spread of antimicrobial resistance 

  • How to make research useful for different stakeholders including industry, government, researchers and others  

Event details


Pre-reading week – 11th January 2023  

Virtual Teaching: 19th January, 2nd, 23rd February, 9th March, 2023 ( - 3pm) via Zoom

Venue: Online via Zoom


Antimcrobial Resistance research at the European Centre for Environment & Human Health 

One Health Antimicrobial Resistance Research at the University of Exeter

One Health: Antimicrobial Resistance Beyond the Clinic  By Dr Aimee Murray for BSAC