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The University of Exeter Medical School is delighted to have been awarded an Athena SWAN Silver department award.

Equality & Diversity Group

The University of Exeter Medical School Equality & Diversity Group (UEMS E&D Group) was established in August 2012 in parallel with the new Medical School being created, and was formally known as the Athena SWAN Working Group.  

Member biographies

Core group

The core group meets every month, and its members are either representative of particular roles, or are volunteers from particular areas within the Medical School.

Vice Dean Education Professor Jean McEwan
Vice Dean Research Professor Angela Shore
College Registrar Ariel Edge
Institute of Biomedical & Clinical Science Representative Dr Anna Murray
Institute of Health Research Representative Dr Sarah Dean (co-chair)
Institute of Health Research Representative Dr Mark Pearson
Institute of Health Research Representative (Cornwall) Dr Ben Wheeler
Medical Imaging Representative Sue McAnulla
Medical Sciences Representative Dr David MacDonald
BMBS Representative TBC
Postgraduate Taught Representative

Professor Lora Fleming

Postgraduate Research Student Representative

Ana Miguel Cruz

Professional Services Representative

Sarah Downing (co-chair)
Professional Services Representative Alex Hall
Early Career Research Representative

Dr Ola Kudlicka

Early Career Research Representative

Dr Tristan Snowsill

The wider group (who are all voluntary members) receives papers for each meeting but members do not have to attend meetings. They do however get involved in specific Equality & Diversity, and Athena SWAN, activities and initiatvies as and when required, where their particular interests/expertise lie.

Student Equality & Diversity Group

The aim of this group is to act as a liason between staff and students, and discuss how to improve the student experience of well-being and diversity issues. This group feeds into the UEMS Equality & Diversity Working Group.

The members of this group for 2015/16 are as follows:

Adam Uings - Medical Imaging
Alan Horlick - Medical Imaging
Amy Ward - Medical Sciences
Angus Thorne - Medical Sciences
Lucia Lazzereschi - Medical Sciences
Joseph Yates - BMBS
Praveena Deekonda - BMBS 

The UEMS Equality & Diversity Group aims to: 

  1. Monitor the progress of the College’s Athena SWAN Action Plan, determine the impact of the Action Plan and identify new initiatives and actions to take the Action Plan forward.
  2. Disseminate information about Equality & Diversity, and Athena SWAN, throughout UEMS and liaise with other STEM/M colleges and the wider University on the actions the UEMS E&D Group is taking. Receive, consider and respond to information about Equality & Diversity related issues and initiatives in other University of Exeter STEM/M colleges, as well as University wide issues and initiatives.
  3. Review the UEMS organisational working culture, to ensure that UEMS is an inclusive environment for all staff and students.
  4. Review existing processes and policies to identify where there are barriers or perceptions which hinder students and staff from reaching their full potential, and put solutions in place. In particular, the Group will encourage and empower students and staff to further their work and careers by increasing applications for promotion and research/education awards.
  5. Consult with UEMS students and staff to clarify viewpoints and gather feedback on equal opportunities, fair career progression and related issues.
  6. Learn from other national and international organisations promoting equality of opportunities in science, and share best practice.
  7. Develop SMART action plans to improve procedures and practices with a view to overcoming barriers to fairness and equality of opportunities throughout UEMS.
  8. Oversee the planning and submission process for future UEMS Athena SWAN submissions and awards.
  9. Develop sub-groups as appropriate. These include but are not limited to:
    • Mentoring Sub-Group
    • Student Sub-Group