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'Hearing voices' simulation

Hearing voices exercises

TEMPO starts with a 'hearing voices' simulation while performing everyday tasks and attempting to ignore aggressive voices. Psychiatrists were given hidden ear pieces containing a hearing voices simulation. They were then asked to perform basic tasks such as buying coffee, holding a conversation or doing a puzzle.

Vincenzo Giordano, a Speciality Doctor in Psychiatry, based at East London NHS Foundation Trust, took part in the trial, and said the exercise was "extremely helpful" in improving communication with people who were experiencing psychotic episodes.

The Hearing Voices Simulation was created by Dr Patricia E Deegan. Patricia is a consultant who specialises in researching and lecturing on the topic of recovery and the empowerment of people diagnosed with mental illness. She is an activist in the disability rights movement and has lived her own journey of recovery after being diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager.