Learning resources

Our learning resources from our CPD courses are free to use, as part of our mission to improve health and wellbeing in the South West and beyond.

Our experts are leaders in a wide range of fields, with a direct impact on public health. Please use our learning resources which our experts have created in a range of topical areas that link in with our programmes.

Dr Graham Watkinson, Consultant in Public Health, University of Exeter Medical School, and Senior Lecturer on the MSc Environment and Human Health.

Dr Watkinson shares his knowledge on Ebola – an unprecedented public health crisis. Dr Watkinson will talk about how the disease spreads, who is most at risk and what is in place to contain the outbreak.

View the full seminar (20 minutes):

View the short version (5 minutes):

This free online course will introduce the topic of genomics, using the University of Exeter's research expertise in diabetes, to illustrate the clinical application of current genomics knowledge.

The first stage of this developing resource is a report on the news on Public Health commissioners, service providers and service users.

Weight loss maintenance consultation report

We celebrated the inaugural EBMA Assessment in Medical Education 2016 at the University of Exeter. Please take a look at some of the keynote presentations and symposia from the event.

Writer and historian Stella Tillyard pays tribute to the work of Prof Adam Zeman, on BBC Radio 4’s ‘A Point of View’. The 10 minute broadcast of this programme is available for listening again, or podcast download, at BBC iPlayer