What is Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management?

Incredible Years* Teacher Classroom Management (IY - TCM) supports teachers to improve behaviour in their classroom by developing their classroom management technique. Studies estimate between three and six children in each school class will have significant social, emotional or behavioural difficulties that impair their current and future life prospects. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are even more likely to be affected by these issues. This programme supports the whole class and should be particularly helpful for students with behavioural difficulties.

IY-TCM is an interactive, practical and reflective course which is delivered to groups of 10-15 teachers. In the STARS study, teachers randomised to attend the TCM course attend a one-day workshop every month for six months. The focus is on collaborative learning, discussions of teachers’ own experiences and group work to find solutions to problems encountered in the classroom.

The following principles underpin the IY-TCM approach:

• the importance of teacher attention, encouragement and praise
• motivating children through incentives
• preventing behaviour problems – promoting the proactive teacher
• decreasing children’s inappropriate behaviours
• building positive relationships with children and encouraging them to problem solve


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