STARS - Supporting Teachers and childRen in Schools

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Welcome to the website for the Supporting Teachers And childRen in Schools study, an exciting research study that is taking place in primary schools in Devon.

STARS study

The STARS study is examining whether attending the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management course can increase teachers’ skills in classroom management, and improve child behaviour and learning.

We have had positive feedback from the 80 schools we are working with.

We have now finished collecting data for the STARS study and will up date you all soon on what we have found. Thank you to all the schools taking part.

Incredible Teachers

All teachers who took part in the study attended the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management course. All course fees were covered and participating schools were provided with funding for supply teacher cover for their teacher to attend the course.



This project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research Public Health Research (NIHR PHR) Programme (project number 10/3006/07).