Third Gap

The Third Gap programme is currently working on a wide range of research projects.


Current research studies

  • Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure: REACH HF. Hasnain Dalal, Jackie Austen, Nicky Britten, Russell Davies, Kate Jolly, Colin Green, Robert Lewin, Fiona Lough, John Packard, Sally Singh, Rod Taylor, David Thompson, Robin van Lingen, Robert Williams, Jennifer Wingham, Jo Beer. Please follow this link for further details.
  • Patient and Public Involvement in PenCLAHRC (PPI). Kate Boddy, Nicky Britten, Emma Cockroft, Tanya Hynd, Kristin Liabo.
  • PARTNERS2: development and pilot trial of primary care based collaborative care for people with serious mental illness. M Birchwood, R Byng, A Roalfe, E England, L Davies, L Gask, M Calvert, M Clark, N Britten, P Jones, P Huxley, P Lewis, S Love, S Reilly, V Pinfold.
  • University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-Centred Care “The Challenges of Translating Person-Centred Care from Theory into Practice. N Britten, L Moore, M Elam, D Lydahl, A Wolf.
  • NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Health Research and Care in the Southwest Peninsula (PenCLAHRC). S Logan, K Stein, C Abraham, R Byng, N Britten, D Richards, C Hyde.
  • MRC ABPI STratification and Extreme Response Mechanism IN Diabetes: MASTERMIND. A Hattersley, E Pearson, M Walker, N Sattar, M Weedon, R Holman, A Farmer, B Shields, JK Cruickshank, B Delaney, W Henley, N Britten, A Jones, R Lindsay.

PhD studies

  • Utilising qualitative research to inform systematic reviews: assessing current practice and developing appropriate methods for fuller integration. Laura Harris, Ross Coomber, Nicky Britten.
  • Chris Cooper, “Improving literature searching in non-standard systematic reviews”. R Garside, N Britten, C Hyde, A Booth.
  • Weyinmi Demeyin, “N of 1 trials and the individualization of drug treatments”. N Britten, J Frost, U Ukoumunne.

Recently completed studies

  • What are the impacts of user involvement in health and social care research, and how can they be measured? Jennie Popay, Nicky Britten, Katherine Froggatt, Andy Gibson, Ann Jacoby, Fiona Lobban, Debbie Mayes, Rachel Purtell, Tim Rawcliffe, Paula Williamson, Katrina Wyatt (MRC Impact Study).
  • The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of telephone triage of patients requesting same day communications in general practice (ESTEEM).
  • Diabetes self-management strategies for long-term biomedical outcomes and quality of life: a synthesis of longitudinal quantitative and qualitative research. Nicky Britten, Julia Frost, Ruth Garside, Philip Evans, Patricia Brown, Virginia Pearson, Jonathan Pinkney (‌Project Abstract PDF).
  • ‌Individualization Project. Sarah Denford, Julia Frost, Nicky Britten, Paul Dieppe (Project Abstract).
  • IMPROVE-Stroke: IMproving the PRevention Of Vascular Events after Stroke or TIA – a randomized controlled pilot trial of nurse independent prescriber-led care pathway-based risk factor management - Martin James, Nicky Britten, Colin Pritchard, Sue Latter, Philip Evans.
  • Internal evaluation of PenCLAHRC (PenCLAHRC). Janet Heaton, Jo Day, Nicky Britten.
  • Mastering chronic illness while growing up: the experiences of young adults and the advice they give to their contemporaries (GUCI). Janet Heaton.