Pilot study of acupuncture in a group setting for chronic knee pain (ScrutiKnee)

ScrutiKnee (Scrutinising changes in knee pain)

This project is a pilot study in which participants will receive an Advice and Exercise booklet, with or without a course of acupuncture treatment. Participants will be invited fromthe results of searches of databases of participating GPs. The acupuncture will be provided either on a group basis or an individual (one-to-one) basis. Study duration is 3 months. The main outcomes are feasibility, particularly recruitment, measurement of health service resource use, and information to improve detailed design of a definitive study. 

Funding source: Research for Patient Benefit (NIHR) Funding amount: £202,633

Total: £248,447

Core staff:

Chief Investigator: Adrian White

Trial Coordinator: Liz Tough



Room N21, ITTC Building
Peninsula Medical School (Primary Care)
Tamar Science Park
1 Davy Road
Plymouth PL6 8BX

Tel: 01752 764448
Fax: 01752 764234

Study website: http://wdbdev.pcmd.ac.uk/scrutiknee/index.php