Financial Assessment and Benefits (FAB) advice service: impact on older people and their carers in Torbay


The study aimed to evaluate and establish the health and non-health impact on an older population and their carers of providing a specialist financial assessment with benefits advice through social services. The quantitative study surveyed 241 older service users and their carers (131) around the time of the financial assessment and again 5 months later. The qualitative study involved twenty in-depth interviews with older people and carers and six with service providers. The interviews obtained a detailed and individual view of experiences of the assessment and FAB team as well as any perceived changes in health, quality of life or lifestyle following the assessment.


Professor John Campbell - Professor of General Practicd & Primary Care
Dr Jeremy Hobart - Consultant Neurologist
Dr Suzanne Richards - Senior Lecturer in Primary Care
Ms Rachel Winder - Research Fellow
Dr Katrina Wyatt - Lecturer in Health Services Research 


Annie Ellis - Centre for Evidence-Based Social Services


Funding Source - Commissioned by Torbay Social Services Directorate, funded by Department of Work and Pensions

Funding Amount - £50,000

Study dates - May 2003 to May 2004


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