Decision rule for severe symptoms and complications of acute red throat in everyday practice (DESCARTE)


DESCARTE is a large, MRC-funded study which addresses the important area of managing upper respiratory infections and sore throats. The study is being led by Professor Paul Little in the University of Southampton, and Peninsula Medical School are co-applicants. We are seeking to recruit 18,000 patients with sore throats amongst the six centres who are contributing to this work. We are hoping to identify GPs who will agree to participate in the study, recruiting a minimum of 30 patients per doctor/nurse. We will be glad to involve other members of the practice team (such as practice nurses) in the recruitment process. The study started recruitment in the spring of 2007.


Professor John Campbell - Professor of General Practice & Primary Care
Dr Gary Lenden
– local GP 'Champion'
Dr David Russell - local GP 'Champion'


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