ShareD at Life with dementia: relations conference in Norrköping.

In October 2014, Jemima and Cate spoke on "Companion involvement in Memory clinic diagnostic feedback meetings: preliminary findings from the ShareD study" at the Life with dementia: relations second international conference at the Centre for Dementia Research, Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden.

The ShareD study design was presented, in light of existing literature from the recently submitted systematic review on communication in dementia, with the analysis of one interaction from a Devon memory clinic. The conference provided an exciting opportunity to hear about fascinating interdisciplinary research from all over Europe and to mix with academics in many fields of dementia studies. Part of the conference also included meeting with the Dementia Communications Research Network (of which Rose, Jemima and Cate are members) to develop goals for collaboration and interdisciplinary studies over the coming years.