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February 2017

ShareD trial now collecting saliva samples

The final participants recruited into the ShareD study will be asked if they would like to take part in an additional aspect of the study. They will collect saliva samples before and after their memory clinic appointment. This is in order to investigate whether we are able to detect changes in a hormone related to stress (cortisol) which may indicate how much stress participants experience around the time of their memory clinic appointment.

ShareD researchers to run a workshop at old age psychiatry conference

Professor Rose McCabe, Dr Cate Bailey and Jemima Dooley will be presenting some results from the ShareD study in a workshop at the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry Annual Scientific Conference in March. The conference is open to medical health professionals with a special interest in old age psychiatry.

ShareD study enters its final six months

We are now in the last six months of ShareD, and the final few patients are being recruited for the study. Over the next few months we will be analysing our results which includes interviews and focus groups with patients, carers and healthcare professionals as well as video recordings of diagnostic feedback meetings and questionnaires filled in by patients and carers. We will be writing our final report and submitting papers for publication. Keep an eye on our website for updates and summaries of our findings.

Presentations and events

Last year the ShareD team led a workshop on Conversation Analysis entitled “Delivering a diagnosis of dementia in memory clinics”. In addition Jemima Dooley gave a talk at the Alzheimer Europe conference on “Delivering a diagnosis of dementia” and Penny Xanthopoulou and Rose McCabe presented at the same conference with a talk on “Persons with dementia understanding of the dementia diagnosis”

October 2015

Rose McCabe presented the Mental Health Research Seminar in October 2015 at the RILD Lecture Theatre, Barrack Road Hospital Site, Exeter. Guest speakers were Jemima Dooley (PhD Student), Norms McNamara who talked about his experiences receiving a diagnosis of dementia and living with the disease and his wife Elaine who talked about her experience from a carer's perspective.  Matt Murray from the Alzheimer's Associationalso gave a talk.  

December 2014

Dementia Darnings - artist's portraits show the effects of dementia

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October 2014

Sidmouth Science Festival

Professor Rose McCabe, project lead for ShareD, gave a talk on Non-verbal communication and Film Industry Technology at the Sidmouth Science Festival on October 18 2014. 

ShareD at Life with dementia: relations conference in Norrköping

Jemima and Cate spoke on "Companion involvement in Memory clinic diagnostic feedback meetings: preliminary findings from the ShareD study" at the Life with dementia:relations 2nd International Conference.

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