Child Health

About the Child Health Group

Under the directorship of Professor Stuart Logan, the Child Health Team works with children, their families, healthcare professionals and practitioners to understand and explore the issues that matter to them and to co-create research with them to find possible solutions including new ways of delivering services.


The Child Mental Health Research Group 

Led by Professor Tamsin Ford this Group provides evidence to optimise interventions and service organisation to protect and improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. 

The following are an example of projects currently being undertaken and details of the range of work within the Group can be found on the Child Mental Health Research Group page and following the links below.


Health Complexity and Child Health Group

Led by Professor Katrina Wyatt this Group undertakes empirical research to develop and evaluate complex programmes which support children, their families and communities towards healthy behaviours and reducing health inequalities. 

Projects currently being undertaken and details of the range of work within the Group can be found on the Health Complexity and Child Health Group page.


Peninsula Cerebra Research Unit (PenCRU)

Led by Dr Chris Morris evaluates interventions, services and outcome measures for children and young people with neurodisability and their families. The following are examples of projects currently being undertaken.  Full details of the range of work within PenCru can be found on the PenCRU website.

Healthy Parent Carers Programme - promoting health and wellbeing of parents with disabled children.

Autism: Parent EXperiences of Dentistry (APEx-D) - parent experiences of taking their child with autism to dentists.