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Behavioural Science Research Group - meet the team


Dr Jessica Bollen Trial Manager/ Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Sarah Brand Senior Research Fellow
Dr  Raff Calitri Research Fellow
Antoinette Davey Research Associate 
Dr Jo Day Research Fellow
Professor Sarah Dean Professor of Psychology Applied to Rehabilitation and Health
Dr Lewis Elliott Associate Research Fellow at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health
Camilla Forbes (McHugh) Research Fellow
Hollands, Laura PhD Student
Dr Ruth Lamont  Research Fellow
Dr Jenny Lloyd Senior Lecturer in Public Health Research
Dr Sarah Morgan-Trimmer Senior Research Fellow & Associate Director of Postgraduate Research
Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer Senior Lecturer in Ageing and Family Care
Emma Pitchforth Senior Lecturer & Senior Research Fellow in Primary Care
Dr Victoria Salmon  Research Fellow
Dr Jane Smith Senior Lecturer in Primary Care
Dr Dawn Swancutt PenARC Research Fellow 
Dr Mark Tarrant Senior Lecturer in Psychology Applied to Health
Dr Rohini Terry Research Fellow
Dr Samantha Van Beurden Postdoctoral Research Associate – Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre (CHERC)
Dr Krystal Warmoth Research Fellow ((CRIPACC) University of Hertfordshire)
Dr Shokraneh Oftadeh Moghadam Postdoctoral Research Associate - 'ImPROving GROUP treatment for people with severe obesity' (PROGROUP) project
 Dr Ross Watkins  Postdoctoral Research Associate - (PROGROUP)
Bethan Treadgold Postdoctoral Research Fellow
 Dr Helen Foster-Collins  Associate Lecturer
 Mia Alexander  Undergraduate Associate Research Fellow (PROGROUP)
Clodagh Smith Undergraduate Associate Research Fellow (APPEAL)
Luana De Giorgio Graduate Research Assistant (APPEAL)
Dr Siobhan Mitchell Research Fellow Children & Young People’s Mental Health Research Collaboration (ChYMe)
Dr Emma Cockcroft Research Fellow
Charlotte Reburn PhD Student 
Dr Kath Wilkinson Research Fellow
Dr Rosina Cross Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mary Carter Trial Manager/Research Fellow  Clinical Senior Lecturer in General Practice and Primary Care   (part of SPOCC study)