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Clinical Photobiology


Current research activities of the group involve studying the effects of ultraviolet radiation on human cellular DNA (in cultured cell lines and harvested leucocytes). Ultraviolet radiation is regarded as the most significant single factor in the development of skin cancer so considerable effort is being expended to investigate ways of reducing the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and other environmental co-factors.

In addition, the group has very close clinical links with the Dermatology Department at the Royal Cornwall Hospital and trials are underway investigating the scientific basis of photodynamic therapy (PDT) of skin cancer and possible enhancements of this promising technique. 

For more information, please visit the Clinical Photobiology website.

Below is the full list of all Photobiology Staff Members:

  • Professor Alison Curnow: Principal Investigator Clinical Photobiology
  • Sandra Campbell: Acting Consultant
  • Daniel Ferguson: PhD Student
  • Mr Aaron Robertson: PhD Student

Office Location

Clinical Photobiology, 
S10 Knowledge Spa, 
Royal Cornwall Hospital,
TR1 3HD.

Laboratory Location

University of Exeter,
Tremough Campus,