Poster guidelines

Winner of the Best Poster Prize

The Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) is the proud sponsor of the Best Poster Prize at EBMA Conference 2016. The Best Poster Prize was awarded to Dr Rachel Brooks – congratulations!

2016 poster presentations

The 2016 EBMA Assessment in Medical Education Conference presentations have been selected:

Stream 1

Assessment across the continuum/across borders
Predictive validity and Patient & Public Involvement
Preparedness for practice

Stream 2

Professionalism including diversity
Licensing exams, credentialing and revalidation
Performance based assessments

Stream 3

Simulated patients/simulation
Standard setting/psychometric analysis
Technology enabled assessment

Download all the poster presentations: Poster presentation abstracts - Saturday 15th October 2016

Posters are an important part of the EBMA Annual Academic Conference: Crossing Boundaries – Assessment in Medical Education and are much valued by participants. In fact it can be more challenging to produce a high-quality poster and present it effectively than to present a short communication. Posters are a useful method of communicating ideas about new approaches to education and research, they are mounted throughout the Conference, and many examples of educational innovation have begun their life as a poster.

Poster presentations format

To give them even greater value, we have allocated two groups of poster presentations on Saturday 15th October from 11:30-13:00 at the Forum, University of Exeter. Presenters will be asked to give a two-three minute presentation of the key messages of the poster, followed by a group discussion. Each session will be hosted by an experienced Chairperson, who often has a specific interest in the theme of the session.

You should be prepared to present your poster at any time between 11:30-13:00 on Saturday 15th October 2016. We are unable to give a specific time of presentation.

Information for poster presenters

  • Prepare a PORTRAIT poster of maximum size 910mm wide and 1850mm (A0 paper size). If it does not conform to this maximum size, we regret it may not be possible to mount the poster.
  • Please bring your poster with you – do not send it to us in advance. We would advise you to display your poster before the Calman Lecture on Friday 14th October so that we can maximise the opportunity for delegates to see your work displayed.
  • Posters can be mounted from 08:00 on Friday 14th October until 09:00 on Saturday 15th October. A board will be provided, labelled with the poster number, title and authors. Fixing materials will be provided (Velcro labels). Please do not affix posters to any place other than the board to which it has been allocated, and use only the fixing material supplied.
  • Please remove posters by 1730 hrs on Saturday 15th October. Posters not removed by this time will be taken down by the conference team and there is no guarantee that they will be returned to the presenters.
  • Each poster group will be allocated a discussion session in the programme which will take place around the poster boards. Presenters should meet the Chairperson by the poster boards ten minutes before the scheduled start of the session. All participants are invited to join in. The Chairperson will lead the group around the boards, each presenter giving a 2-3 minute introduction to his/her poster. This will be followed by a short period for questions and discussion. The Chairperson will introduce each presenter and keep the session to time. Any time at the end of the session could be used for discussion or for individual viewing. No audio-visual aids, other than the poster, will be available.
  • In addition to the formal poster presentation session, presenters are encouraged to be available by their poster at some time during lunch and/or coffee breaks. It is helpful to fix a note to your poster board indicating when you will be available if anyone wishes to meet with you outside of the scheduled session. A handout with the key messages of your poster and your contact details is helpful, and you are encouraged to bring some with you.
  • It might also be useful to read the poster-related resources available on the AMEE website site: ‘Hints on preparing posters for AMEE Conferences.pdf’ and ‘AMEE Guide no 40: Creating Effective Poster Presentations’, by George Hess, Kathryn Tosney, Leon Liegel.
  • Please look at the AMEE 2012 Poster Example by Monica van de Ridder.ppt

Poster Prize

We are delighted to announce that there will be an award for the best poster.

Poster prize criteria

Attraction and design of poster

  • Does the poster attract the viewer’s attention?
  • Is it visually appealing and clear?
  • Does it conform to good practice in terms of content, style and layout?

What was done

  • Is the description of the activity both clear and appropriate?

The poster message

  • Is there a final message or conclusion?
  • Is it clear and appropriate (correct)?

Relevance and innovativeness

Does/will the poster add or impact upon our present day understanding of the subject area?


The above information is available to download as a PDF: EBMA Conference 2016 Poster Guidelines