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 Peter Reader

Peter Reader

PhD Student

Geoffrey Pope 227


Printed colloidal gold as seen through the lens of our biophotonic array sensor. Each spot may be functionalised with a distinct antibody to screen complex mixtures (such as blood) for biomarkers of disease.

I graduated from the University of Exeter in June 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry. My past research has involved protein characterisation and the development of synthetic biology as a tool to combat explosive waste pollution.

Currently my research is focused on biomarker screening to provide rapid diagnosis of infection and insightful antibiotic selection. In September 2015 I began my EPSRC funded PhD in biotechnology, under the supervision of Dr Chris Hyde and Professor Andrew Shaw. 


BSc Biological and Medicinal Chemistry


SEM image of gold nanoparticles printed and grown on silane coated glass. Antibodies are tethered to the nanoparticles and bind specifically to protein biomarkers.


The brightness change observed by our biophotonic array sensor, when proteins are captured by (and dissociate from) specific antibodies tethered to gold nanoparticles. The data are fitted to a model (green trace) to calculate kinetic parameters and protein concentration.


Research interests

My PhD project is based on the development and application of a novel biophotonic array sensor, designed for observing specific antibody / antigen interactions. I am predominantly interested in a subset of blood plasma proteins known as the Complement cascade.

Rapid quantification of Complement proteins in patient blood could provide an early warning of infection, the nature of the causative organism and even identify individuals predisposed to higher risk of post-operative complications. 


2015 | College Commendation for Academic Excellence 

Editorial responsibilities

Webmaster at reaction-science.com


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