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Olga Borejko

PhD Student


Olga’s educational background lies within an area of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Her previous employment positions involved working in clinical settings with individuals suffering from varied neurological conditions (epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia) and assessing their cognitive functions. Last three years of her career she has spent working for the King’s College London, managing a portfolio of clinical trials in dementia and undertaking neuropsychological assessments with patients. Olga’s general research is situated within an understanding of how mental processes in a brain change as a result of neurological conditions. 


BSc Psychology, MSc Cognitive Neuroscience 


Research interests

Research project interest: The effect of Alzheimer’s disease Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers on cognitive decline in patients with Lewy Body dementia. This project is supervised by Prof Clive Ballard and Prof Dag Aarsland. 

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